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  • Happy - I am not getting paid for this.Thisis my take on ViSalus

    It is very good for starters. 2nd it does take place of a heavy meal and you don't have to worry about am I getting the right balance

  • Jason Czub - ... was the first time I ever used a supplement like this. I have a thinner build but have ...

    This was the first time I ever used a supplement like this. I have a thinner build but have gained extra weight around my stomach over the past years (hard to work out with kids now haha). I was about 182 pounds when I started using this pill not I am down to a solid 171 in 4 weeks. I am not sure if its the pill or because I have changed my diet or a combination of both. But I believe the pill has helped out. It does control your appetite but every body is different so the "shakes, gitters etc, I never experienced. After I took the first pill I did notice I did have alot of energy and i was focused alot more when I went to the gym.

  • Marcellus Palma - Works best ...

    I just started taking Ultra Cleanse because of having regularity problems since I had my gallbladder removed. I was scared at first, because of the choking risk. But, since the first day I took it, I have been going regularly with obvious weight loss too. I am impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone with these problems and with no prior luck with other products just like me. THANK YOU NUTRATECH!!!

  • Sherrie Lyons - Very cute!

    Very cute - works great and I live inbetween 2 mountains and the reception is great and it looks alot better than my bent antenna that came with my FJ. Toyota should make these their standard antenna!!