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What is the NIPP device - Non invasive no incision pain management procedure device. Learn what it is and how it can help ease pain.

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  • S. Munsell - Cleared hormonal acne for female in mid-30's. Incredible product!

    I started getting acne at around 30. While it wasn't all over my face, it was the deep kind on my jawline and around my mouth that are a result of hormonal changes. I realized I was allergic to sugar and wheat (both give me hives) and my skin cleared up substantially when I removed both, but I still had the nagging cyclical outbreaks. In the last 4 years I have tried every single thing on the market and absolutely nothing worked. Of if it did get rid of the acne, I was left with oily, peeling skin. Not pretty. In an evening of desperation, I came across this product. I went to the website, I read all the testimonials, and thought since I'd tried everything else, might as well try this mask thing. And am I glad that I did!!! Within 2 days the breakout I had was almost completely healed. I had a few pimples come up in the first week of use, but instead of being the nasty, deep cystic kind, they just came up and cleared overnight. I did 2 masks a day plus spot treatment. I am a bit on the dry side of combination skin and I found that leaving the mask on for 15 minutes was too long and caused dry skin. 5-10 minutes is perfect for me. A few of my regular pimples have tried to poke their head through as I go into my next "cycle", but the mask with spot treatment has killed them overnight. I'm in my 3rd week, and Lerosett states that the skin is on a 21 day cycle, so I'm hoping the regulars don't show up at all anymore. I always wore foundation to cover up skin imperfections, but I haven't worn makeup except a bit of concealer to cover the remains of some of the scarring from the last breakout in over a week. It's incredible. Give this a try and follow the directions. If you go to the website, you can do a free trial, just make sure you cancel or ask for an extension before 21 days is up, or you will be charged for the product.

  • siilv - Glad I got it.

    Worked pretty well for me. However, the one I got lost its smell completely after only 1 wash (followed care instruction carefully) and rubbing wouldn't do the magic. I was almost disappointed and decided to get some essential oil on my own. However, I decided to give it a try and called the seller. The gentlemen over the phone was nice and warm, he listened to my complains and explained that this is absolutely not normal for the product and offered me a free second one. Very pleased with the seller and the product actually works. The excellent customer service makes my purchase worry free. Will come back again.

  • mikiry - Thanks

    I found one of these in my husband's shirt pockets and another one in his car! We are divorcing now. Thanks Bic for ruining my marriage.

  • A. Akins - THe Update is not worth it

    There in not many useful new features in Quicbooks Pro 2011. They have added Intuit Data Protect, a paid subscrption service. There is no way to remove it or keep it from starting up each time you start Quickbooks.

  • Terry A. Wright - Junk! Paint would not spray, just sputtered out ...

    Junk! Paint would not spray, just sputtered out of the new can/nozzle and ruined the finish. Also, this is NOT for hyper silver wheels!

  • Dave Mobley - I will say that I liked the concept of it being able to run on ...

    I evaluated this product alongside of my verified known working glucose monitor that I will call my control unit:

  • faith - Great series

    Over all great series so happy about the way everything turned out in the end. Tiny deserved a chance at happiness