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  • James - I cannot believe the RESULTS

    I am not being paid or have no connection to Omega XL in anyway. I had extreme, and I mean extreme, pain shooting down my left leg for two weeks. Doctors put me on MS Contin, Lyrica and Percocet to ease the pain. I chewed those pain killers up like candy and no result. I felt like cutting off my left leg below my knee. I cried every night and crawled around on my hands and knees like a dog to eat and use the restroom. My pain level was 10 out of 10. I saw the infomercial and ordered the product with the intention of giving it a week and sending it back. The day it arrived I took two capsules that evening. Please note that for the past two weeks, my greatest pain was between 1 am to 6 am. I cried for most of the night due to the severity of the pain. That first night after taking Omega XL, I still had intense pain and took pain meds to help take the edge off. I was on MS Contin (Morphine) 3 times a day and used Percocet for breakthrough pain. That was every night. The second day, I took 2 capsules of Omega XL in the morning and by mid day, I could walk to the restroom. That evening I took another 2 capsules of Omega XL and had slight pain in my left leg but took no Percocet for breakthrough pain. The third day I did the 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening of Omega XL and took no MS Contin or Percocet. There was still slight pain in my leg but not enough to take the pain meds. I am scheduled for lower back surgery in 2 weeks and will proceed with the surgery but I want to tell you folks, Omega XL worked for me. I do not want to use the word miracle but it was that for me. I am 54 years old, a retired senior officer in the military with 34 years of active service and I cannot say enough how Omega XL worked for me. I cannot say it will work for you but for lower back pain due to a pinched nerve, it works. Good luck.


    Cheap you pay cheap you get. What a total load of crap. Thank God my year of hell is over! I bought a family pack for 3 computers.Lounge computer with win 7 32bit 2 core is hardly used so had no problems. Laptop with win7 32bit 2 core wouldn't let me install contacted support back and forth with them with all sorts of suggestions for 5 weeks, a year later it's still bitdefender free. My main computer a win7 64bit quad core ,it made internet explorer unusable. It wrecked Firefox, google.com.au,Paypal and any paysites were unusable,it wanted exception rules,that i wanted saved never evr did.Safepay slowed down the internet speed to dial up at times while banking.Couldn,t access Steam for games no matter what i tried.Well just to top it all off i'm ten days from expiration and had decided to uninstall. Tried the uninstall in bitdefender folder in start menu, installation menu starts, no uninstall.OK.Control panel / program -features/ bitdefender uninstall. NOTHING!well not totally nothing it stopped the filthy program, but it;s still in the list and all shortcuts and folders and files still there,try again ,same deal. Try deleteing folders no can do need admin priveliges even though i'm in admin user mode.ALL I CAN SAY IS SAVE YOURSELF A WHOLE WORLD OF PAIN , AND STEER WELL CLEAR OF THIS CRAP.GETTING A VIRUS IS PROBABLY EASIER TO DEAL WITH!

  • Alisha Norby - zero sensitivity!!! And really works!!

    I love SmileSciences!!! My teeth are already pretty white but I do drink wine and coffee a lot and I needed something that wouldnt cause sensitivity which all other teeth whitening strips or kits I tried would give me!!! With Smile Sciences I had ZERO sensitivity and My teeth look amazing!!! My family and friends now use it as well and I havent heard any complaints yet!! I think everyone should definately give this kit a try!!! I dont understand all of the one star reviews. :( i definately give them 5!!!!

  • callybarb - followed it to a T: Lost 0 lbs

    This was my second time trying the cleanse. First time was years ago and I lost weight but this time I lost ZERO. Very disappointing, followed directions exactly and Never cheated. Even when I was able to add additional protein I did very sparingly. I enjoy vegetables & fruits. I called the company and questioned the dairy free version versus the Whey. That was the only difference from last time. That was a waste of time and I got nowhere. Wish I got my money back. Won't throw my money away again.

  • For You - Good for acne.

    I have severe acne and I have tried just about everything including high dose salicylic acid. One time I stumbled upon an article that says that dead skin cells that clogs the skin essentially cause the skin harder to breath, therefore pimples keep reappearing. makes sense, so I bought the scrub. I tried the Loreal, it was okay, but the scrub particles are finer in loreal. St Ives is more coarse and left smoother skin. One month after using this product, my face is visibly cleaner. I have occasional one or two zits, but overall my face is much better. I use it daily. The instruction says not to use it that often.

  • Chixon - My favorite song.

    I had a few credits on Amazon so I purchased some songs. This song has been a favorite of my for quite some time.

  • Stephane alvarado - great

    really great for fall and winter you can wear with jeans or leggings.i use it any occasions very easy to put on and easy to remove they have in different colors available that you can choose. the quality i very nice when i wash it,it does not shrink.you can even give this to someone as a gift they will like it.very comfortable to wear it all day. the cold weather is coming soon and you can have it all day and feel warm with it.it came on time and well packaged