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FPWNT - Family Planning Welfare Association Northern Territory - Family Planning NT, is a non-profit Organisation, which aims to promote sexual health and rights for everyone. Family Planning NT offers clients safe and confidential access to sexual and reproductive health services, education and information. FPWNT specialises in advice on contraception, pregnancy options, well women's health screening and general sexual health issues. Family Planning NT is committed to improving the Health of all sectors of the NT community and as such contributes to policy in sexual health and operates as a Registered Training Organisation promoting workforce development.

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  • kathleen heming - Do Not Buy!!

    Before I continue with this review I'd Iike to mention my husband works for a well known energy/ hvac controls company and has installed complex control systems for large corporations. He know what he is doing So the positive, the Nest is cute and adorable. The negative, it doesn't perform it's primary function which is to turn on the air conditioning system when it is needed. This is a perfect example of a product which is pushed to the market with very good packaging and marketing but is not well designed enough to perform its basic function.

  • Jessica Walz - Decent set of M15 & Theros block cards

    I bought this mainly for the four booster packs--unlike other reviewers, however, my toolkit came with a booster each of M15, Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey into Nyx (rather than the Dragon's Maze pack I thought it would include, but I'm certainly not complaining!). The 100 included lands are also well worth it for a casual player like myself, and there were a few decent rares included in the set also. The M15 cards included are strikingly similar to (if not the same as) the M14 cards included with the previous year's toolkit, hence the docked star.

  • Jennie Hoop - Nice result !

    I found this at home depot, and thought it would be a nice middle ground between the navy Formica I have and the granite I want. I'm an impulse person, or I would have bought it from amazon, but I did come on and read the reviesw before I started. Good thing. I bought a 30' kit and have almost 30' of countertops, so I went back and got another kit. You do use way more base coat than you think. Layer it on good! I did my whole kitchen in two days with only a couple of places that I'm not happy with. They look tons better than they did and for $300 plus two days of "exercise" I'm very happy. I did watch the instructional video several times as I went along to make sure I was doing it right. I did remove the painters tape after the chips dried and then re- taped before I did the top coat, just because the chips coat was really thick and I didn't want to add to that. I only had the treatment peel up on one edge when I pulled off the final tape. Wish I could post photos. Really does look good! And I did it by myself!

  • ForPetesSake - Will probably damage your vacuum.

    This thing is a serious snot sucker. I've never used anything better. I got gobs of stuff out of my babys nose and he didn't even have a cold!