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Ask A Doctor Online | Telemedicine Companies | First Stop Health - As telemedicine companies go, First Stop Health guarantees employees will use our service at a rate that will generate ROI from avoided claims.

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  • ALEJANDRA M - great for everything literally.!;0

    I was very pleased with the scent, texture and how little of this belly butter you need to cover the desired areas I love the way it feels when you spread it on your skin, and the scent is wonderful, the scent does become less strong after a few minutes I was very hesitant to try it because in the past I have wasted a great deal of time and money on products that haven't worked.! I did have a baby and I was left with stretchmark and they have been kind of fading.! I really love this product also for the skin does amazing job.! it is buttery cream really soft yellowish.! thought it would be really oily once I rubbed it on and grabbed it but no at all it soaks in to your skin really nicely

  • DaveMeister - Kaspersky 2012

    Couldn't be more let down by this product than I have been. From ordering, to obtaining license codes, to installation, and use of the product. Can't help but note that for the installation of 2012, there is no option to select the destination folder for the installation by default. So, as you execute the installation (in this case from CD), it simply tries to unpack the CAB file to your C: Drive and start the installation, whether you have disk space or not. This is disgraceful programming for a COmpany the size of Kaspersky.

  • Michael b pike - Not a genuine Mopar accessory.

    For the record, this is NOT a genuine Mopar accessory. It ships from China, with copied installation instructions. The biggest giveaway is that when you open the actual fuel door itself, the Mopar symbol is upside down. That being said, you get what you pay for. It looks good, is really easy to install, but it doesn't fit very tight against the body of the vehicle; you get about an eighth of an inch of play rotating the entire assembly. This doesn't bother me too much, because I only touch it when I'm fueling my Jeep. Overall, it's a pretty decent piece for the price.

  • Amazon Customer - I would buy again if i needed it

    I bought this for my mom for her edges but she doesn't use it, but I have used it before and it definitely fills in the areas that may thin from styling your hair. The price is also very decent compared to the stores.

  • Esther - Love it!

    I have naturally curly hair and its hard to put anything in my hair once i straighten it that is a "wet" product because usually it will cause it to immediately curl back up. Not only does this stuff smell amazing, but I can use this cream in my Straightened blow dried hair and it doesn't curl it back up and it gives it a nice shine. Obviously, i only use between a dime and quarter size every time and my hair is down to the middle of my back but I honestly don't need much more as the product works really well for me. Thanks to how little i need to use, this bottle lasts me quite awhile so i don't mind paying for it when i need it.

  • MaryKate - Good quality but the release and tighten strap is difficult to use!

    I think this is an attractive and good quality item. I just can't give it 5 stars because we really hate the release and tighten strap! It's very difficult to tighten and loosen and scares us a little. I'm also worried that as he grows (he's only 23 lbs so far) It'll be very tight to try and get him in and out by the straps.