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  • Kasey DeMarco - Not worth the $$$

    You'd think that for a wand that costs over a hundred smackers that it would have all the bells and whistles. The temperature is 410 with no other options. You don't need temperatures any where near that hot to curl most hair types so variable heat should have been included on this wand. It should also have a ready light indicator. It curls nicely, but I'd imagine any product with the same shape could do so.

  • L. G. - My Holy Grail moisturizer

    I've been using Perricone's face finishing moisturizer for years, it's evened out my complexion, lightened hyper pigmentation, smoothed fine lines, and aided resurfacing of my skin texture all over, nothing I've found comes close to it's restorative powers. For reference, my skin type is dry/dehydrated with occasional blemishes/melasma/hyper pigmentation. This has helped all of that!

  • Kricket - No Burns, No Stinky Smell, No Hair!

    This stuff just works. I won't say that you'll be hairless forever, but if you need to do some quick grooming before a beach vacation, this will do the trick.

  • Cheryl B - Cool and simple! Love it

    This mini fridge and warmer is amazing. The blue is a great color and goes great with a lot of my other items. I placed this in my room and it does not take up much room at all. It is perfect for small spaces such as bedroom, vehicle, even easy to take with you to work. This fridge is very light and easy to carry or transport. My husband takes it to work with him during the day on construction sites and brings it back in at night to keep his drinks cold. It fits 6 coke cans easily and also fits small bottles of water with ease. we took it to the lake with us yesterday and it kept our water cold the whole time. Doesn't take long to cool the beverage and is ready to go quick. Has a switch on the back that you can use to make it a fridge for drinks, food, etc and then switch to warm to keep items such as food, coffee, etc warm. The fridge is very well made and has a handle to carry with ease. The handle is built into the fridge and makes it so easy to carry. Has multiple ways to plug it up and keep it going on the back. Comes with two plugs, one for the wall outlet and a car charger cord for travel. Cute, simple, adorable, and perfect. I received this product at a discount in exchange for m y complete honest and unbiased review. I love this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Fabulous Results!

    I have very sensitive skin and this product is wonderful. Previously I resorted to waxing to remove the fine hair on my face and it was so harsh. Read the directions - AGAIN, READ THE DIRECTIONS - and you should have good results. This product is for fine to medium hair. If that is not you, then get another product and don't complain. If you do not read the instructions and leave the cream on too long, do not complain. It is so much better than expected. Cannot praise enough!

  • Wendy :) - So far, really not impressed with this!

    It's sitting right next to my router, yet has trouble connecting (nothing else that I run ever has trouble connecting.) When it did connect for a few minutes I tried to toss a treat and it put way too many in the chute and they only shot about 6" out of the tube. I think for the money paid for this we should have received a sample bag of treats so we know what size is correct.

  • Danny Perski - Dries tan, doesn't look great on some products

    This glue works great if you're using it on wood products, but anything else just looks out of place. The glue dries into a tan color, so on any white or black objects it looks very out of place. Would definitely recommend a transparent glue for anything else.