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Tackling Hereditary Baldness - Hereditary baldness is the most common form of hair loss. Its main cause are the DHT attacks on susceptible hair follicles and thus most hair loss treatments are of hormonal nature.

  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/hair-loss-forms-and-causes.html Hair Loss Forms and Causes - Hereditary hair loss is caused by the harmful effects of dyhydrotestosterone on our hair follicles and leads to typical horseshoe balding pattern in men and diffuse hair loss in women.
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/female-hair-loss-treatments.html Female Hair Loss Treatments - Overview of the most effective hair loss treatments for female hereditary baldness such as minoxidil (Rogaine foam), cyproterone acetate-based contraceptives and spironolactone (Aldactone).
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/male-hair-loss-treatments.html Male Hair Loss Treatments - Overview of the most effective hair loss treatments for male pattern baldness such as DHT blockers finasteride and dutasteride and hair growth stimulants such as minoxidil.
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/hair-transplant-surgery.html Hair Transplant Surgery - Overview of the two most commonly used techniques in hair transplant surgery - follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE), their strengths and weaknesses.
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/future-of-treating-baldness.html Future of Treating Baldness - Overview of the most promising research projects in the area of hair restoration such as new drug bimatoprost, hair cloning also known as hair regeneration or hair multiplication and generation of new hair follicles in wounds.
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/bimatoprost-gives-new-hope-to-hair-loss-patients.html Bimatoprost Gives New Hope to Hair Loss Patients - Bimatoprost is currently the most promising ongoing hair loss drug research and if proven more effective than minoxidil (Rogaine) this treatment could become available soon.
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/yet-another-glaucoma-drug-in-phase-2-clinical-trials-for-hair-loss.html RK-023 - Yet Another Glaucoma Drug in Phase 2 Clinical Trials for Hair Loss - RK-023 seems to be yet another glaucoma drug, besides bimatoprost, that is being currently examined for the treatment of hereditary hair loss and for growing richer and longer eyelashes.
  • http://www.geneticbaldness.com/dutasteride-hair-loss-study-and-its-implications.html Dutasteride Hair Loss Study and Its Implications - Assessing the suitability of dutasteride (Avodart 0.5mg) for the treatment of male pattern baldness given the publicly available information regarding its clinical hair loss study.

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