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  • Grant Mason - Good Hose But...

    not nearly as flexible as I was lead to believe from the advertising. Even now after being warmed by the sun the thing still want to coil up like a spring. In addition the portion of the hose that attaches to the hose bib leaks unless some serious muscle is placed behind tightening it. I will not be buying this product line again.

  • Kindle Customer - Buy it ... It Works!!

    I've always been reluctant to buy this kind of product but my face was finally starting to show my true age. I began using it a couple of weeks ago, morning and night, and the change in my skin is striking. The tone has improved, my skin feels and looks plumper, pores are non-existent, my skin is uber-soft and I am beginning to see small changes in the finer lines around my eyes. I'm very hopeful that there will be positive impact on some of the deeper ones at the corners of my mouth.

  • William Small - Lighting scheme leaves something to be desired - cannot see during the day

    Sounds pretty good, would like to see more in the D/A processing quality but what you get for $101 is pretty decent here. Significant downside is the LCD display - Glossy finish makes it unreadable in daytime. I plan to mess with the colors. If it would remember a different color scheme when the headlights are on vers off rather than just dimming based on that, I think it would be very good. By this I mean, Amber is a great color for night driving but useless during the day. Clearly Pioneer has had these problems for some years now that I look, see https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/RL9XUYA5N7QO6/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewpnt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B0091UX3QI#RL9XUYA5N7QO6

  • Carl I Bertsche Jr. - BEWARE of Sage 50 - (Peachtree Accounting) - Costly annual contract required or certain important features suddenly stop

    BEWARE, Some software functions will stop working suddenly if you do not renew every year. We have used this software for over 15 years. The software is ok but something changed in 2013. They don't tell you ahead of time. In order to use "your" software in future years, you have to upgrade every year and buy a maintenance agreement every year. It will cost you as much as the original software every year! Or it wont work properly!

  • Andr√© Oliveira - Great concept, but needs better tuning for the bundled guitar

    Great concept, but the equalizer fails to tune the guitar properly which causes either to break cords or problems in recognition of the notes during play. Work better with alternative guitars.

  • bvdew - Got rid of my adult acne

    I am 27 years old and I still had acne. Since I was a teenager I have used creams and face washes to clear my skin, but none of them fully got rid of the red spots. I had even ordered the popular infomercial face cleansers, but I hated the routine and the way the cream would bleach my clothes and towels. I now use a antibacterial microfiber towel with only water to clean my skin. That helped a lot, but I still had occasional breakouts.

  • Kelly Petty - They Run Large

    Be sure and order a size down possibly 2. They are quite large but still give a decent amount of compression. I get cramps in my toes at night so i wear these to bed and they disappear. I will be buying the shorter ones for summer though.