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  • Linda linlu Ruiz - Prefer this brand to APC. Seems like you get more for your money

    Finally an UPS that can handle a tower PC, mac mini, notebooks, Roku, cable box and other plugged in items. It was a bit of overkill for the wiring closet (router, switches, wireless access points, home automation modules) so I bought the 850VA for that and used this to support another desktop, KVM and three notebooks.

  • D. McCall - Impressive up, down and all around

    I've had this modem in place for a month now and I am impressed in every respect. I previously had the Motorola 901 (which was a rock-solid performer), and upgraded to gain the "N" level of wireless performance and be prepared for DOCSIS 3.0 from my cable provider (Charter). I find this gateway performs to the limits of my ISP (which in my case at my rural location it 25 down and 3 up), and has good "reach" throughout my home. It performs flawlessly including hosting uninterrupted 4-way video-conferencing (Apple iSight). For those having problems, I suggest you relax your firewall settings a bit, especially those related to scrubbing packets. All make sure your cable provider is doing their part on the performance in, including having the right levels of line voltages in and out of your home (you can see these on the unit's diagnostics panel). In sum, I'm smiling, have no remorse whatsoever, would buy again, and would advise my best Friend to do so as well.

  • Tinker Bell - WAIT!!!! DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. IS ALL A SCAM.....

    Very dissapointed! I got this with high hopes after my baby, I haven't been able to get rid of the tummy. Well every day, twice a day, I have used this and empty now two tubes of cream. This is all a way to get your money and hang on to your seat belts ladies, your credit card will be charged without your authorization for two more creams in the amount of $19.99 each plus $9.99 each shipping and handling.

  • T. Woosley - Very happy

    I was hesitant to buy a non apple product. I bought a non Apple Watch band and it didn't fit but I kept it as a backup should mine break. Apple sells the cover and case separately now price gouging in my opinion. I was happy with my Apple case cover but they lost me this time. Then I found your product. I knew I wanted the pencil. Bottom line. Cover fits great, pencil is secure and I love the color. I just hope it takes opening and closing over a long period of time. Great product.

  • Amazon Customer - received in great condition.

    received in great condition......ummm only been using it for about a couple days so so cant really say if it worked so far but it smells good

  • John W Marston - Love the game's aesthetic

    Love the game's aesthetic, the fun costumes worn by dancers, many of the default song choices -- however, I would appreciate a little more guidance since I'm a pretty poor dancer (although I realize this is meant as sort of a party dance game). And sometimes the Wiimote just doesn't seem to register my movements. Then again... usually I'm having enough fun and getting my heartrate going that I don't care so much about my score.