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Glebe Dental Group | Dentist Glebe - Welcome to Glebe Dental where our dental team, along with our friendly support team will ensure you and your family receive the highest standard of care.

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  • http://www.glebedental.com.au/general-dentistry/fissure-sealants/ Glebe Dental Group | Fissure Sealants - Glebe Dental Group - Fissure sealant is a liquid resin which flows into the back teeth to fill the grooves. This makes the tooth smooth and easier to clean.
  • http://www.glebedental.com.au/general-dentistry/root-canal-therapy/ Glebe Dental Group | Root Canal Therapy - Glebe Dental Group - Root canal therapy may be required because of an infection from severe decay, gum disease or an accident.
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  • http://www.glebedental.com.au/cosmetic-dentistry/bridges/ Glebe Dental Group | Bridges - At Glebe Dental Group, we offer treatments such as dental bridges that consists of several false teeth joined and secured together by crowns.
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