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Glytec Systems - Glytec provides FDA-cleared insulin and glucose dosing software that replaces paper protocols for hospital based glycemic management. The software, called Glucommander 2.0 Enterprise Edition, provides individualized patient recommendations for intravenous and subcutaneous dosing. The dosing recommendations and reports can be accessed from any computer within a hospital's network.

  • https://www.glytecsystems.com/solutions Solutions - The Glucommander Version 2.0 Enterprise Edition provides real-time dosing recommendations while taking into account all pertinent patient information: demographics, health and laboratory results. It considers physiological pathways that include risk factors and relevant interventions with improved outcomes as a target. Individual care guidelines result in improved patient outcomes and more efficient use of healthcare resources. The system also provides a reporting platform and system that measures compliance requirements for patients and providers.
  • https://www.glytecsystems.com/Evidence/ Evidence - Research Papers, Case Studies and Empirical prove of the benefits of using Glytec products to assist with patient care.
  • https://www.glytecsystems.com/company/careers Careers - In order to develop innovative solutions and maintain our standards of excellence, Glytec is always looking for experienced professionals to join our worldwide team. We are an industry leader in next generation glycemic management systems and our goal is to improve the lives of patients worldwide.
  • https://www.glytecsystems.com/News/study-conducted-at-fred-hutch-shows-transplant-patients-benefit-from-glytec-s-system-for-computer-guided-glucose-management.html Study Conducted at Fred Hutch Shows Transplant Patients Benefit from Glytec’s System for Computer-Guided Glucose Management | News - News, Press Releases, Research Papers and Educational Articles related to Glytec and it´s products.

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  • Roby1227 - Not for your average Joe reader.

    Disappointed in the way the book was formatted. The text reads like legal documentation in my opinion.

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