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  • Shondel N. - Car ran over my phone, this case provided 100% PROTECTION!!!

    This is my current case now. I have absolutely no complaints about it. It's a very sturdy case, very appealing, and it does what it's suppose to do. Every now and then I drop my phone and this case saves the day.

  • Jennabret - Love this!

    I love this stuff. My 6 yr old son has bloody noses often - which he runs down the hall in the middle of the night with - getting blood on the carpet - spots all over. This always takes the blood out, just spray on the spot, let it sit for a few minutes and it blots right out. The stuff is amazing, it has also neutrealized odors of some pretty aweful smells from my dog and child on the furniture and area rug. The smell of the spray is very pleasant, my son just mentioned tonight how good it smelled when we were using it to deoderize the rug after the dog vomited. I tell people a about it - will be out to buy more tomorrow - half the price at Walmart, the price on Amazon is ridiculous.

  • Creative Shopper - Very thin paper covers that can easily be punctured.

    Cheaply made-very thin paper covers on coin book. On recent there was a hole in the cover that went all the way through one of the coin slots inside. It's ok for a 7yr old.

  • J. Wright - The Simpler Life

    Instead of doing New Year's Resolutions, I pick a theme I want to work on for each year. Last year my theme was focus. The goal was to simplify my life so my energy would be focused at a few critical goals instead of dispersed among many good, but not so important goals. Ever since I finished the year of focus, I've been interested in continuing to explore a simpler life. Because of this, I was eager to read Bill Hybel's book, Simplify: Ten Practices to Unclutter Your Soul.

  • Amazon Customer - ... this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at ...

    I'm giving this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at the expense of cultures, histories and entire traditions. If you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead I recommend learning more about it and it's meaning, instead of wearing it as a costume because you think it looks cool.

  • Amazon Customer - Okay, I give up

    Bought this software and after two days figured out that it does not do what you'd expect. It won't build a postcard with a front and back and changing paper sizes is a nightmare. Went to their website to find out about a refund and was given an email address - the email address is bogus and email cannot be delivered to it. So, I called Hallmark and, after 30 minutes of listening to the message: " your call will be answered in two minutes" I gave up.