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  • louise - Great book to be used for NCLEX preparation

    It's knowledgeable, instructive, gives you better ways of answering your questions right. Thank you Kaplan people for this inspiring book.

  • slingbuck - Best MTB pedal ever.

    I went from toe straps to speedplay frogs 18 years ago on my mtb. I have never used any other pedal off road. In all these years I had one pedal have a chunk go missing after slamming it into a rock at Snow Shoe WV (I have been to snowshoe 20+ times but never in the winter! I guess they ski there in the winter or something?) I could see the bearing in the pedal after this impact but I kept riding it all weekend with no problems..........that is hardcore. The pedal body stayed together! The cleats can be a pain to set up for first time users and you may not like the ice like float at first but after a couple rides you will never use anything else. I have two pairs right now that I have no idea how long ago I got them. I have wore the engagement ring on the body down to nothing and they are starting to release a little too soon. They are 6+ years old each. I ride a lot and in sand that is hard on everything. I go through about 1 set of cleats a year. Buy the stainless ones. Best value for your money.

  • Peter Dao - Go ahead! You can't go wrong with this wonderful 2014 ThruNite.

    I own multiple flash-lights such as ultra Stinger,Surefire 6px Defender,Surefire p3x ,all kinds of incandescent Maglites include the LED Maglite XL-200 and the Fenix pd-35,TK-35. They're all woderfull flashlites.But this one,the ThruNite TN12 2014 edition which made in China in particular has been very impressive to me. Its strong built American Aircraft-grade aluminum body compares to the Surefires flashlite body. I was skeptical with flashlites made in China but this new model blowed me away of that thought. This ThruNite flashlite is 5 1/2 inches long and 0.8 in diameter with a push button on/off in the rear cap and what makes it stands out and what I like it the best is an optional button on the neck of the lite for the function modes of the flashlight. To turn on/off Press the tail switch gently for momentary on for tacticle use or press down until it clicks to turn on the light. Press again to turn the light off. To change modes, With the light turns on, press the side switch to circle through five different mode outputs from firefly mode, low, medium,high and Max. I am very impressed with its maximum 1050 lumens pure white light output and it's out run my famous Surefire 6px Defender(2 cr-123 batteries) LED light far behind and only the $259.99 Surefire px3 Furry(uses three cr-123 batteries)1000lumens can compare to it. This ThruNite uses the hi-end cree LED for their flashlites the same as Surefires do and the results are producing brillian output light like the sun at dark with no ring in the hotspot that can light up your whole yard at night in close range or in the far throw over 200 meters. I used to carry the Surefire as my outdoor EDC flashlite but now I switch to this ThruNite and set it to 1050 lumen mode for my night time outdoor guide through the roads plus self defense and beleive with a tacticle momentary on mode directly to the eyes. The bad guy's eyes will be on fired and won't be able to see things again! I just received this ThruNite a few days with some short tests and comparations and haven't long enough in deeply used it but I have the feeling that this light will serve me for years. If you plan to purchase a service flashlite or an every day carry flashlite, look no further. You can't go wrong with this ThruNite,with its brillian bright light output plus it's latest unique light changing modes. With a wonderful LED flashlite like this one that costs under fifty dollars and I have a second thought of purchasing the Surefires again,which costs at least four to five times of this lite.