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  • Danny Drummond - all things I wanted to know and more

    I have made standard spreadsheets for years but always wanted to learn formulas. This teaches that and much more. Well worth the money.

  • Walter GrumpyOldGuy Sabian - Best On The Market, Even If It Is "Hecho In China"

    I've had crock pots for decades, even when they were called dutch ovens or whatever. There are many knock-offs and wannabes out there, but the best ones--and safest!--are by Crock Pot. My last one was a smaller version with only one knob and three settings: OFF, MEDIUM, HIGH. It was okay for slow-cooking meals whose temperature could be HOT AS HECK all day, so I didn't mind too much.

  • Dark Horse - Huh...

    This book was good. I loved the plot, and everything seemed very realistic. This stuff could actually happen. Except, it isn't likely that your mom is going to let you get off the hook so easily, and so many times. This book was very enjoyable and entertaining. I stayed up late tonight reading the rest of this book.

  • Roxanne - nba sticker book

    This nba sticker book is awesome has alot of great people inside comes with stickers to put inside the book my son loved this book. If you hace a nba fan in your house this would be an amazing thing to get. I received this free for my honest and unbasised reveiw

  • Dr. Webb - Not the best, not the worst

    I have not had a problem with virus' getting through, but have had several "Ad" malware get through. Have had one Norton picked up on and warned me about, but it was already on the computer when it warned me. I don't believe any antivirus program is foolproof though.

  • Dad1999 - Best fertilizer I've used

    I have not had any luck with other fertilizers ending up with a dust bowl of a yard as a result. I don't have irrigation but have committed much time to watering with poor results. I use this product on my lawn along with Pennington Smart grass seed and the lawn has filled in. Even in the hot summer the lawn is mostly green without added watering. I highly recommend this product. My goal was not to have to water (dumping money) and a safe lawn for my family and dog. I'd like to buy it by the pallet:)