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Hanford & Lemoore CA Veterinarian | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive pet care including dental care, surgery, behavioral training, diagnostics, internal medicine & more.

  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/contact-us/#directions Hanford CA Veterinarians: Contact Us | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Contact Hanford Veterinary Hospital for full-service veterinary care, including wellness, surgery, dental care, obedience training & more.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/ Hanford & Lemoore CA Veterinarian | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital provides full-service animal care including wellness care, vaccinations, pet surgery, pet meds & more.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/allergy.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Allergy Testing | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - We offer relief for itchy pets! Our services include thorough pet allergy testing and treatment.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/cardiology.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Cardiology | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our veterinary experts provide cardiology care for pets with heart conditions.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/dental.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Dental Care | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers complete dental care for pets, including teeth cleaning & dental surgery.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/dermatology.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Dematology | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our Hanford CA veterinary hospital offers pet dermatology and skin care services.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/digital.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Digital X-ray & Ultrasound | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers digital X-ray and ultrasound to diagnosis pet health concerns.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/end-of-life.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet End-of-Life & Hospice Care | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers compassionate pet hospice care, pet after care, pet end of life care & euthanasia services.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/endocrinology.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Endocrinology/Internal Medicine | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers pet endocrinology and internal medicine services.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/laboratory.html Hanford & Lemoore CA In-House Laboratory | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our full-service in-house laboratory allows for rapid, accurate pet diagnostics.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/nutrition.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Nutrition | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our veterinary professionals provide counseling to pet owners for proper pet nutrition and optimum weight.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/obedience.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Obedience Training | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our veterinary services for pet owners include pet obedience & behavior training.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/pain-management.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Pain Management | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers a variety of options to eliminate or reduce pet pain.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/puppy-kitten.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Puppy/Kitten Care | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital provides comprehensive puppy and kitten care services.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/senior.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Senior Pet Care | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our veterinarians & staff provide expert care to Hanford & Lemoore CA senior pets.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/soft-tissue-surgery.html Hanford & Lemoore CA Soft Tissue Surgery | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our skilled veterinarians perform soft tissue surgery procedures, including spay, neuter, tumor removal & more.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/veterinary-services/wellness-care.html Pet Wellness Care | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Hanford Veterinary Hospital offers comprehensive pet wellness care & preventive veterinary medicine for pets in Hanford, Lemoore& surrounding areas.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/pharmacy-food/ Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Pharmacy & Food | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our on-site veterinary pharmacy is well stocked with all your pet med needs, including over-the-counter medications, pet food & prescription pet diets.
  • http://www.hanfordvethospital.com/pet-resources/ Hanford & Lemoore CA Pet Resources | Hanford Veterinary Hospital - Our veterinary team has compiled a variety of resources for pet owners, including trusted links, pet care articles & more.

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  • Concerned Citizen - Excellent small flashlight!!

    This little thing is simply amazing!! The amount of light it can put out on it's highest setting is simply unreal! I got mine a few days ago and am obviously very impressed. I also purchased two 16850 rechargeable batteries and a charger. If you are indoors you will probably not need to use anything higher than the second setting (40 lumens), and if you just need enough light to see to walk around the lowest setting (9 lumens) will suffice. The second setting is roughly equivalent to a regular 2 D cell incandescent flashlight, although the beam pattern is much wider and the light is much whiter. The second setting is also about right for being outdoors and say taking the dog for a walk at night or taking the trash out a long dark driveway to the street.

  • Amazon Customer - Decent moisturizer for sensitive skin

    This is the first time I'm using this product. I wanted to wait a few weeks before I left my review so I could give this product some time to work. I was a little hesitant to try this due to the retinol in it. I have fair and sensitive skin and I seem to break out from most of the products on the market. I feel you only need to use a little drop for each of the eye areas. If you use the full amount out of the pump, its way too much. The smell of the product is pleasant. As far as getting rid of dark circles and wrinkles, I don't feel anything gets rid of them unless you have a great plastic surgeon. However, this product did leave the areas feeling soft and smooth. So I would recommend this as a great moisturizer for the eye area. I would be willing to try this product again.