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  • https://www.healthexpress.co.uk/cystitis Cystitis Treatment online - Antibotics on HealthExpress UK - Cystitis is a urinary tract infection that can be uncomfortable and disruptive. Find out more information and advice about the condition at HealthExpress.
  • https://www.healthexpress.co.uk/sti/chlamydia Buy Chlamydia Treatment online - HealthExpress UK - Chlamydia is a very common STI in the UK. Find out about its symptoms, causes and treatment options with a free online consultation at HealthExpress.

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  • jess - Super nourishing, GREAT smell!!

    This stuff is AMAZING!! It makes my hair feel like silk. Not to mention, the smell is absolutely phenomenal! It's going to be a definite repurchase for my color-treated, long hair.

  • JD Styles - My nose and eyelid are healing up pretty good and I like the way the soap cleans

    I bought this for the dermatitis on my face. I always try to leave the lather on my face for at least 60 Mississippi seconds, which makes a BIG difference. My nose and eyelid are healing up pretty good and I like the way the soap cleans.

  • Liz E. - I like this a lot

    I like this a lot, cleaned my tub pretty well, in the 2 minutes described in the directions. (i used it watered down

  • R. Villegas - An Exceptional Great Little Mouse Pad that lives up to the hype!

    Now, I know why this QcK Gaming Mouse is customer rated number ONE, make no mistake about it, this pad lives up to the hype, Period! This mouse pad is plenty big, 12"X10.5" and rubbery smooth, not stiff, allowing my mouse to glide on top of it like butter. I took this mouse pad out of the box and uncurled it as I set it on top of my desk without any curling or folding back or sliding, as some people complain about. This wonderful mouse pad is not trying to be anything more than a simple mouse pad, not a hot plate and does not connect to anything and will live out it's entire life span just by laying flat and still, on top of my computer desk. What more can one possibly want out of a mouse pad? GET ONE Yourself. Thank You Amazon for great service and offering high quality merchandise.

  • Amazon Customer - Christmas present...dead 2 months later!!

    Tablet kept stopping. Instructions were non-existent. Charger broke after 2 months. Spend a bit more money and purchase better quality that will last longer then 2 months. Don't bother with this brand.

  • Monica Barreto - I am not pleased.

    I purchased 2 28 day tea packages and I received 2 14 Day Tea packages! That is half of the amount that I should have received. I am not pleased.