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  • Dave - This isn't "Prime"

    I just received the Rabbit TV device. First; if you bought it from Amazon be ready to get technical assistance to find your "user I.D." And GOOD LUCK finding how to get TO the assistance. Many of the movies offered in the menu don't really exist. Take my advice...YOU ARE MUCH BETTER-OFF SUBSCRIBING TO AMAZON PRIME. Free shipping PLUS all those great movies in the bargin.

  • A. Cohen - Shocking, in a bad way

    This vacuum seemed great, at first...until I toggled it to the second power setting which enabled the brush. Every fifteen seconds or so I received a substantial electric shock from the handle, of progressively greater intensity. I can't know if it was some sort of electrical problem in the vacuum or just something about the construction of it that transmitted huge amounts of static electricity. I've never had a vacuum shock me like this. Other models of Shark vacuum have been recalled for electrical faults...I'm thinking that they may need to expand that recall. I was using the NV353 model (identical to the NV352, other than some small accessories). I've returned it.

  • Lorrie - serves what I needed it for

    works well with the stroller but not much space to put anything in the pockets. Purchased this one as the generic ones that attach to the handle did not fit.

  • Travis D - Fun for a few hours, if you could play it (Updated)

    Very rarely do I give 1 star reviews, but if I spend $60 on a game, I expect to be able to play it. I ended up getting 5 hours into a city (after waiting 20 minutes in a queue to play a game), only to get issues with my city "not processing properly". I was forced to do a roll back, and lost 2 hours of work. I spent another few hours getting it back to the way I had it before my save started having problems, and went to sleep. Now, today when I try to load my game, I get the following error: "Unable to load city at this time. Please Try Again Later". I have no idea if my save is gone for good, or if it's a temporary problem. The server status is green and is supposedly working, but I can't load my city.

  • ted mckenna - Horrid

    I have used Printmaster versions for more than 20 years. I have always loved them. This PM 2012 is absolutely horrid. First it didn't want to load on my windows 7 computer. Once I finally got it to load, (after more than 20 hours,) it is totally useless. I have spent hours trying to do business cards, but, of the templets, the majority of them say not compatible. I have JAVA errors as well. I just tried doing a greeting card, and to no surprise, it has hung up again. Stay away from this program. Once I get home I'll remove this one if we cannot get it working, and pull out the older, PM Platinum 18. I know it works. I read that they try to sell you things, but have no knowledge of that. I have never gotten that far with it.

  • Sarah - Amazing!

    Been using Priorin for two weeks, my hair stopped falling and my nails are so strong now, and no side-effects! I have used biotin and other supplements they all had bad side-effects like acne, bloating nausea and other effects. The downside is you need to take 3 pills a day to see effects, so 60 pills doesn't last a month that is the only reason I have not given Priorin a 5 star.

  • Robin Lynn Frank - Fantastic, despite weird science.

    The first time I saw this movie, I hated it...because the science was so screwed up and Roland Emmerich was still clueless as the the characteristics and capabilities of the aircraft the film portrayed. The second time, not so much...it was, after all an action/disaster movie with good special effects. Then I got a new home theater system and figured this would be a good movie to try it out on. Well, its no surprise that the effects are still good and the sound is fantastic, without being over the top. A funny thing happened. I started looking at the characters and realized they were believable. Once you look at the people, the movie comes together and becomes very enjoyable.