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  • David in Denver - Terrific Internet Security Software

    I've been using Webroot for quite a few years. I first installed the "cloud" version, Webroot Secure Anywhere Complete in 2011, and have been amazed at how fast the scans and clean-ups are performed - and how little of my computer memory is used. Had a small glitch when updating to the 2013 version, but was able to work through it quickly and easily after finally getting through to Webroot's phone support. I would highly recommend this product !

  • G. Rogde - Not sure why people have problems...it's great

    If you use this product correctly, take your time putting it on, prep surface and roll it on with care (watching to make sure you are not putting on to thin of a coat), it's wonderful. Been on my deck 2 years now, looks like new. No problem with peeling. EVERYONE raves on how great my deck looks.


    I was really excited to get these oils since 750 reviewers gave it excellent marks. I put the lavendar oil in my diffuser and started having a very bitter taste in my mouth and started getting a headache, which lavendar has never done to me before. I tried to look on their website for information on the ingredients, and website kisoil.com that they wrote on the bottles IS NON-EXISTENT. That really scared me because they don't have any information on the bottles, no pamphlet in the box and no website. Therefore they cannot be liable for any harmful chemicals found in this product. And I cannot return them because according to Amazon it is considered hazardous material. If I were you, I would buy essential oils from a company that has available information on it's product!!!

  • Melanie Purifoy - Don't Recommend It, Gift It To Someone Who Needs To Read It!

    I read this book over 13 years ago with my first diagnosis of invasive cancer. I was given a very poor prognosis and knew very little about cancer of any kind. I knew even less about fighting the odds and becoming a survivor. This book was easy to read at a time when everything in life was more difficult. It resonates truth and triumph. I reference Anne's story often and am so thankful that someone was kind enough to purchase this book and bring it to my home for me to read during my treatment. Today, I am proud to think for myself, empower my life, and question authority. I beat the odds, as did Anne, and this book played a role in my success.

  • KATHLEEN ENGLISH - Guaranteed to Disappoint

    This book is junk, did anyone even look at it before it went to print? it looks like it was written by someone that doesn't speak English. "Stacking rings" are part of a baby's first vocabulary? On what planet? Does anyone say"telephone" anymore? Will the baby say "stuffed animal"? Has this guy ever been around babies? Its a shameless attempt to make money with no redeeming value except to the writer.