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How a Healthy Diet Can Help You Prevent and Cure Illness and Maintain Health - How to take control of your health and well-being through what you eat, drink and breathe. Authoritative information on healthy diet as well as tips for healthy eating and disease prevention

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  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/new_food_pyramid.html The New Food Pyramid is now a Plate called My Plate - The USDA's MyPlate - USDA'S New Food Pyramid becomes a plate - Myplate – how Harvard's Healthy Eating Plate and PCRM's Power Plate improve on it.
  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/vitamin_benefits.html Vitamin Benefits - Health in a Pill? Are multivitamins worth it or a waste? - Are multivitamins and supplements a waste or worth it? Your guide to Vitamin Benefits and precautions
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  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/Cancer_and_Nutrition.html Cancer and Nutrition – a Potential for Prevention and Healing - The Cancer and Nutrition Connection - How Diet Can Promote Cancer and Prevent it
  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/omega_3_benefits.html Omega 3 Benefits - The Skinny on Omega 3 oils, Omega 3 Supplements and Other Fat - Omega 3 Benefits you can Experience through Food and Supplements – The skinny on dietary fat
  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/Healthy-Diet-blog.html Healthy Diet News Blog - Healthy Diet News Blog keeps you up to date on the latest medical research and commentary on what foods and nutrients are part of a balanced healthy diet.
  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/Benefits_of_Digestive_Enzymes.html Benefits of Digestive Enzymes – Their importance for digestion and health - The benefits of digestive enzymes and how to enhance and preserve the enzymes you have
  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/Benefits-of-Vitamin-D.html Benefits of Vitamin D – an essential hormone we often lack and how to get enough - Getting enough of the Sunshine Vitamin through sun, diet and Vitamin D Supplements – Obtaining the Benefits of Vitamin D
  • http://www.healthy-diet-healthy-you.com/benefits-of-magnesium.html Benefits of Magnesium – a key mineral we often lack and how to get enough of it. - Magnesium is an essential mineral often deficient in our diet – Learn about the Benefits of Magnesium

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  • Lynn Beck - Great resource! Concise and very effective.

    I have used Knock em Dead for years for my job search and career advancement. Martin Yate provides up to date information in a concise manner making his books effective and easy to use. I find myself often referring back to his books to get advice on handling different situations. It has been a great help in so many levels.

  • Dave - If the seal on top of the box is cut, you are getting a used one.

    I opened the Amazon box and I found that the original circular seal on the top of the Goal Zero product box had been cut, then a new circular seal was put over it. I returned it and was offered a replacement by Amazon.