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  • Mark T. Collins - Great Idea, not great execution

    I was excited about this Lego Advent Calendar. The thought of opening a Lego Toy each day until Christmas is brilliant. However, some of the days were pretty pitiful. There are seven mini-figures which were always a hit with my son, but on the days between it was hit or miss.

  • MANDY - I usually take a while to make my department's schedule as I try to make sure I can make all my partner's happy. After I started

    First of all, Mandy is my wife, she had credit on here so I used her account to buy this, lol. I felt the difference right away. The day after I took the PM capsules I woke up a while before my alarm feeling quite refreshed. I took my AM capsules and started my day and while at work I felt I was thinking clearly, a lot more than before using these. I usually take a while to make my department's schedule as I try to make sure I can make all my partner's happy. After I started taking Master Brain I found myself finishing the schedule in record time!! One time though I woke up feeling refreshed more than a hour before my alarm was supposed to go off and I messed up by going back to bed. When I woke up the refreshed feeling had weakened some. So when you wake up refreshed I would not recommend going back to sleep.

  • PB Bay - Can see the new hairs growing in

    I had experienced hair loss after having a child about 6 months after birth and it was quite noticeable at my hair line. My ponytail got so much smaller in diameter. 2 years later, I haven't fully recovered all the hair loss, but little by little. I bought this to see if it would help but did not try it that frequently. Recently, however, I started to apply it at my widows peak and temples where there was hardly any hair left at all and about 2 weeks later, i have a lot of 2 in long baby hairs in both locations. I know they say that the hair loss is just because your body is catching up to all the hair you did not lose during your pregnancy, but I am skeptical about that. My doctor said that I would have had a thinning hair problem irregardless of having a baby, but I really disagree with this. I had very thick hair all my life and even did Accutane and survived that crazy hair loss without any noticeable thinning on my scalp (and that was a lot of hair loss). The hair loss with pregnancy I experienced was unreal! I intend to continue using this and hope that I can get my full head of hair back soon! On a side note, I did ask my doctor about how to try to avoid the hair loss if I have another baby and she said that if I go back onto hormonal BC after 3 months of nursing, that will definitely help. It's the lack of the pregnancy hormones that signals your body to start shedding. And most moms go off of any hormonal birth control indefinitely because they are nursing. But my doctor said that it is safe to go back on after 3 months. I intend to try this the next time around and see if this can also prevent hair loss.

  • Amazonka - I love the magazine as much as ever

    I love the magazine as much as ever. It is amazing but the Kindle app is the worst invention ever. It only allows me to download a current magazine. If I am week late , it takes multiple attempts to get the whole issues. Oxygen I only get 1/3. I was going to read a bunch of New Yorkes on my trip and I was only able to read one issue. I am going back to paper.

  • Dave Kuper - Essential for EXCEL Users

    As I said for the ACCESS Bible, I buy one of these for each new release of EXCEL and also for ACCESS. I use EXCEL but I am frequently flumoxed by something I want to do. Even to how to start the new spreadsheet! This reference settles me down, helps to organize my thoughts, and gives me good directions. I am also thankful for the included CD.

  • A. Davis - Use a mask!

    We used this but didn't notice any change. Also, be careful breathing the stuff in. I was spreading it into the carpets and some dust went up my nose and I was in pain for hours. If you decide to get this, wear a mask!