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The Basics of Having Depression - What is Depression - Warning Signs of Depression - Read about the basics of having depression, what is depression and warning signs of depression

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  • http://www.iamindepression.com/causes/causes-of-depression.htm Causes of Depression - Organic, Hereditary, Physiological, Social and Behavioral Causes - Read about causes of depression, organic, hereditary, physiological, social and behavioral causes
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  • http://www.iamindepression.com/types-of-disorders/disorders.htm Types of Disorders - Mental Disorders - Eating, Cognitive, Trauma, Disruptive Behavior, Psychotic, Psychiatric, Personality, Sleeping, Sexual, Anxiety and Skin Disorders - Read about mental disorders, types of disorders, eating disorder, cognitive disorder, trauma disorder, disruptive behavior disorder, psychotic disorder, psychiatric disorder disorder, personality disorder, sleeping disorder, sexual disorder, anxiety disorder and skin disorders
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  • http://www.iamindepression.com/causes/causes-of-major-depression.htm Causes of Major Depression - Organic, Psychological and Situational Causes - Read about causes of major depression, organic depression causes, psychological causes and situational depression causes
  • http://www.iamindepression.com/causes/causes-of-manic-depression.htm Causes of Manic Depression - Biological and Stress Causes - What Causes Bipolar Disorder - Read about causes of manic depression, biological and stress causes and what causes bipolar disorder

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  • Dianna - L<3 ve It!

    I absolutely love it!!! I am still in the car seat stage so, I can't give it 5 stars yet. I do wish, however that the wheels were rubber and not foam. Even foam filled rubber wheels would be nice. And the basket can be hard to get a large diaper bag in and out of with the seat reclined / car seat attached. That being said, it was great buying a "Cadillac" type stroller for $100 less than my friend's, that still has all the bells and whistles! I would buy it again in a heart beat! (Or another mini heartbeat ;)

  • Sharon Huston - Good start, sad finish.

    The free sample motivated me to buy the book, but when the story ended I felt like I had wasted my money. The premise -- a linguist on a shuttle, prepared to work with alien languages -- was intriguing. Sadly, the alien was telepathic, so language never really played a role in the book. The tension of the opening chapters slowly dwindled into a sad little mess. It thudded from predictable plot point to predictable plot point, and midway through the book I wondered why I was still reading. It turned into a "car wreck" book, where I couldn't turn away from the disaster until the last page freed me. As others have noted, there were several factual errors, and problems with language, which is painful given the protagonist's profession. The main character's Mary Sue index climbed with every page. I do think Ms. Wells has good books in her, but she needs to work on her plots. Give us some surprises! And maybe consider a different subgenre. Convincing science fiction requires more research and more scientific expertise. Ms. Wells might be more bearable in paranormal romance, where the rules are bendy to begin with.

  • Bryan J. Cohen - does what it says

    I have a 1997 Chevy Blazer that marks it's turf like an old AMF Harley-Davidson. I want to avoid spending a ton of money on getting the seals fixed but on the other hand I am tired of seeing little puddles under my truck i nthe driveway.

  • dmh1218 - Recommended by my Naturopath

    I had a hip replacement last year and am headed for a total shoulder replacement next month, My naturopath recommended that I take

  • Sabrina - This Really Works, i Highly Recommend!

    So I used to be fit and active when I was in high school, I was a cheerleader and I worked out all the time so I could make sure I could still fit in my uniform, I was weighing about 100 pounds soaking wet, and I was a lot smaller than most people. But after I graduated high school, I didn't work out as much, I didn't participate in any college sports or anything, I just went to work, went to school, and came home and did my homework, eventually I gained 40 plus pounds, and I started getting fat mostly in my butt, and thigh area, and a little in my tummy area, and I started getting stretch marks because my body wasn't use to all this fat. One day I got tired of it, so I got me a little tub of this, and I started putting it on the stretch marks area, and immediately I started seeing results. I put a thick layer on each side, and then I added another thick layer again to make sure it goes through. I've been using it everyday since, and I don't have any more stretch marks. I also heard that when you lose weight, it could cause you get a lot of stretch marks, so when I started losing weight, I made sure that I had a tub of this in hand, and now I feel better than ever. I highly recommend!