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Agence WEB – Conception site internet en rapport à la Santé – IdenewIdenew | Agence de graphisme - Idenew est une agence de graphisme spécialisée dans le développement de site autour de la santé.

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City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • Dani J - Don't waste your money, horrific taste!

    I'm sorry but all of these positive reviews have to be paid. They have to be. This is the most horrible tasting thing I have ever had. I couldn't get it down. I'm so upset I wasted all of this money taking into account the positive reviews. I drink protein shakes for recovery after runs. I was hoping for something easier on my empty belly. 1, I still got belly cramps, 2, I had a horrible time trying to drink it. It's supposed to be for nutrition not taste, but lets be real here, if you can't consume something without gagging it isn't going to be a very enjoyable experience and you likely won't be able to do it. I tried it with almond milk and I even tried to make a smoothie with strawberries in it and it just didn't help at all. It has such a powerful flavor that I couldn't even taste the strawberries! My next idea is to combine a small amount with the whey protein I have and love (that gives me stomach cramps which is why I tried this) to use it up so I won't feel like I wasted so much money. Hopefully the good taste of the whey protein will mask the flavor of this gross stuff.

  • Laura B - Great for bruises and inflamation

    Good for cutting bruise duration in about half. Helps a lot to resolve inflammation much faster. It is very useful after surgery, laser treatments, injuries of any type. It can be taken a few days for minor bruise resolution (from laser or a bump) or longer periods (6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months) for surgery, surgical wounds, and major trauma. My plastic surgeon prescribed it for my surgical wounds and trauma, and instructed me to take one pill (40,000 units) every six hours away from food (1 hour before or 2 after). My Dr. said I could cut the dose in half after 6 weeks if I wanted, or could continue with the initial dose for six months or even longer. My Dr. advised me to rest for a week or two at 3 months and continue until I finished treatment. It speeds up healing. It reduces scar tissue.

  • David - The depth seemed fine but the woofer collided with the sidewall that comes ...

    Quality seemed up to par. Giving 2 stars as my 10 inch type r woofers would not fit. The depth seemed fine but the woofer collided with the sidewall that comes in and won't allow for correct mounting. So, it must be returned. Quite a hassle.

  • Maryam - I have dark spot sits on my face I already ...

    I have dark spot sits on my face I already finished half the bottle and I didn't see any improvement at all. I won't buy it again.