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  • Joanna Jo - Don't be afraid to use it - it's gentle and it is doing a great job!

    I was so afraid to use it on my little baby - couldn't imagine using a vacuum cleaner to clean his little nose! If you have similar concerns - do not worry and buy this product. You will be surprised how gentle it is and how well it cleans the nose. When I was using Frida, my baby was crying so bad, with this he is calm most of the times. Sometimes you can see he doesn't like it but you have no impression that you're hurting your baby. Once he was really tired and almost fall asleep while I was using this nasal aspirator on him. I wish I decided to buy it sooner.

  • Austin reader - You cannot hold your hand on this unit, when it's on, even on the lowest setting.

    Based on a question answered by "Hub bub" I bought this unit to use as a slide warmer. He had said that you could set it so low that you could hold your hand on it. What he left out was that in less than a minute, your hand would have second degree burns on it! More and more, I trust the answers to questions posed on Amazon, less and less. This unit does a great job at heating up in less than a minute. If "Warm" is hot enough to burn you, then the higher heat settings should be fine to cook on. As it stands, I now turn the unit to "Warm" for a minute, turn it off for fifteen minutes, and it's still too hot to use for evaporating slides without harming delicate tissues. The iron top obviously holds heat exceptionally well. I will experiment around with different tops, to put on the heating platform, to damp down the temperature to where I need it. I'll update, when I get it to where I want it. FWIW, slide warmers are very expensive and not worth the price: They're simply damped-down hot plates. Now I need to find my damper for this unit. UPDATE: 4/26/15: I now turn the unit on for ten seconds, wait for five minutes, take its temperature, and use it as a slide warmer for the next fifteen minutes. I'm happy.

  • bythecshore - Innovative but expensive

    Great stuff but very expensive. I hesitate to use it because of its cost, which is around $2.50 for a little package roughly the size of a restaurant ketchup pack.

  • Carrie Brown - Don't waste your money

    It's an electric razor, not a miracle hair remover like it claims. Your hair will grow back just as quickly as if you used a regular razor. Also - there are no instructions to tell how to change out the heads. I was not impressed at all.

  • Anne Quintal - My grand babies both have trouble with bowel movement and ...

    My grand babies both have trouble with bowel movement and both have hernias. After everything their mother tried...this was what worked!! Thank you Mommy's Bliss...you have earned your name!