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implox Pty Ltd Company Website - Implox Healthcare is a Medical Equipment Supplier located in Adelaide, South Australia. We supply our products to local businesses as well as interstate and international customers.

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  • Amanda B - Great gloss, Cheap price!

    I love this lip plumper, I use it as an everyday gloss rather than a plumper, Ive read that it stings, but in my opinion it dosen't sting or burn it just tingles the lips. I am in love with the color Kim. I also like the consistancy of this product, its not too runny or thick like some Ive tried. I recommend as a gloss rather than a plumper.

  • Nick Manno - LOVE my little Subie!!

    Received my 2016 O/B 3.6R with eyesight on October 31, 2015. Have added about 7,000 miles thus far and I absolutely love this car. I've only had a couple of cars in my life that I feel like I connected with and loved this is one of them. I have a "can do" feeling with this car. Whether it is on some light dirt trails or in heavy rain or deep snow this car is self assured and you drive confident. Factory tires could be better but aren't horrendous, I've driven on worse. Interior is well finished and tight. No rattles. Trim looks high level and controls are laid out well. If I had to nit pick I would say a couple of things, first the GPS isn't the most spot on, I used to use a Garmin on my old car which I loved. The GPS isn't spot on perfect and will sometimes make me question its accuracy. Also, you can't program the GPS while driving. But overall not a deal breaker. Another issue that I would classify as an annoyance is using Pandora. I have an iPhone. It seems you need to plug the phone into the USB port and sometimes it can be picky getting Pandora to run. Regardless, if I had to buy this car again I would in a heart beat and in fact I'm excited to see what changes will happen for 2018. Now I know why Subaru has the highest owner brand loyalty..

  • Virginia Mouton - It works for my husband

    My husband took this for a week before he could feel something that helps him with the pain on his leg. While taking symbicort, his leg started to hurt. So he wants to take something to ease the pain. He has been taking pain reliever that didn't help him, so he started taking this supplement and feels that it's working.

  • Steve Depena - Never Again!

    As a freelancer I need to keep track of my expenses and income, but I am really angry at Intuit for their business practices.

  • M. Shain - The only kid music my kid hasn't outgrown

    My son has loved the Imagination Movers for several years now. I'm glad to have some new music for him to listen to! And hopefully a new show to follow!

  • Luke - Great Product

    Although I eat a very well balanced diet, exercise daily, and always prioritize taking care of my health; I never really looked into buying a Multivitamin (for several reasons, such as certain minerals offsetting others, or possible imbalances multivitamins can create). A friend of mine however recommended this brand to me and I thought I'd give it a try as it looked promising. I have a few breakouts every once in a while, mostly hormonal, and I noticed this does help a bit with those (even though it wasn't the reason why I bought the vitamins in the first place).