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Impotence Guide - Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatments - Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, affects millions of men. Here we cover effective treatments, breakthrough research, and discuss popular ED medications, major causes and natural solutions.

  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/viagra.html Viagra is the Leading Impotence Treatment on the Market Today - Viagra, the brand name of sildenafil citrate, is the top selling impotence medication on the market. Find out what it is, how it treats ED and where erectile dysfunction drugs are sold.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/cialis.html Cialis Can Be An Effective Impotence Treatment Option - Cialis is the second most popular impotence medication on the market. Manufactured by Eli Lilly, it works faster than Viagra and can last longer.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/levitra.html Levitra Is An Alternative to Viagra and Cialis For The Treatment of Impotence - Levitra is similar to Viagra in that it starts working on impotence within 30-60 minutes. It can last up to 5 hours and is taken on an as needed basis.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/uprima.html Is Uprima the New Generation of Impotence Medications? - Uprima works differently than other impotence meds like Viagra, as it stimulates dopamine production in the brain and dissolves under the tongue.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/impotence-treatments.html Impotence Treatments When Pills and Supplements Just Don't Work For You - Impotence treatments such as vacuum pumps, injections, implants, MUSE and other options may be the non-drug solution for you.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/generic-viagra.html Generic Viagra Can Be An Effective, Cheaper Alternative For Those With ED - Generic Viagra is a potent substitute for the brand impotence medication that offers an effective treatment for male ED at a fraction of the cost.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/tribulus-terrestris-extract-benefits-and-side-effects.html Can Tribulus Terrestris Extract Help With ED and is it Safe to Take? - Tribulus terrestris extract is an extremely popular natural ED treatment. But can it really help and what are the side effects?
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/5-ways-to-improve-results-with-ed-meds.html 5 Ways To Improve Results With Your Erectile Dysfuntion Medications - Here are 5 things you can try to help your ED medications work a little better if you're not getting great results currently.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/motorcycle-riding-and-potential-impotence.html Can Motorcycle Riding Cause Impotence? - New evidence suggests that motorcycle riding could be a cause of impotence due to vibrations and pressure on the perineum area.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/caffeine-may-help-prevent-impotence.html Can Caffeine Influence Your Risk of Impotence? - New studies link caffeine intake to impotence, with lower incidences of erectile dysfunction in those who consumer more coffee and other caffeinated beverages.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/6-foods-that-can-cause-impotence.html Six Food That Can Cause Impotence - Here are six foods that can cause impotence, due to their cardiovascular effects as well as other potentially damaging properties.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/new-med-revatio-for-ED.html Revatio vs. Viagra...How Do They Compare As Treatment Options? - Revatio is one of the newer drug treatment options for ED, similar to Viagra and other meds. But is it a viable option for you?
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/pelvic-exercises-for-ed.html Pelvic Exercises Can Help Treat Your Erectile Dysfunction - Try pelvic exercises for ED as they have been shown to help with impotence as well as urinary and bowel incontinence.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/will-viagra-for-women-become-a-reality.html Will Viagra For Women Become a Reality At Some Point? - Viagra for women has been a possibility for many years, yet these drugs have not yet been approved by the FDA. Will it happen?
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/trimix-gel-and-injection.html What is Trimix Gel And How Can it Help? - Trimix gel is a combination of three ED medications, including alprostadil, papaverine and phentolamine, injected at the site to help impotence sufferers.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/foods-that-help-circulation-and-ed.html 5 Foods For ED That Can Improve Circulation and Impotence Symptoms - There are foods for ED that can help improve blood circulation as well as provide other benefits for those with impotence.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/10-lifestyle-changes-to-beat-impotence.html 10 Ways You Can Conquer Impotence Once and For All - Here are 10 lifestyle changes you can make to avoid and/or treat erectile dysfunction effectively. See if any of these help your impotence problem.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/surgeries-that-cause-impotence.html Four Surgeries That May Cause Impotence In Otherwise Healthy Men - Here are four surgeries causing impotence in some individuals that may not otherwise experience ED. An unfortunately side effect of often necessary surgical procedures.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/are-psoriasis-and-impotence-connected.html Do You Suffer From Psoriasis and Impotence? Here's Why They Are Connected - Recent studies show psoriasis and impotence may be caused by the same metabolic syndrome. Learn why you may be suffering from ED and this skin disorder.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/are-there-doctors-for-impotence.html Are There Doctors For Impotence or Should I Look Elsewhere? - Specialized doctors for impotence include your general practitioner, urologist and those that may help with underlying physical and mental issues.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/tadacip-2-review.html Is Tadacip 20 a Viable Alternative For ED Treatment? - We review Tadacip 20 which is a generic equivalent of Cialis to see if it's worth trying this ED medication.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/how-can-priligy-help-performance.html A Priligy Review Shows It Might Help With Premature Ejaculation - According to our Priligy review this SSRI medication may be helpful if premature ejaculation is an issue you are currently facing.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/super-p-force-impotence-treatment.html Super P Force Blends Two Impotence Drugs In One Pill - Super P Force is one of the newer ED meds combining sildenafil and dapoxetine, targeting two potential impotence related issues,
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/do-antidpressants-cause-erectile-dysfunction.html Can Antidipressants Cause Impotence Over Time? - Certain antidepressants have been linked to impotence so it's important to learn about how these medications may be linked to erectile dysfunction.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/impotence-drug-dosages.html Recommended ED Medication Dosages For Efficacy - Impotence medication dosages vary from one product to the next depending on the severity of erectile dysfunction. Find out the recommended doses of the popular ED drugs.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/8-side-effects-of-impotence-drugs.html Top Eight Impotence Drug Side Effects That You Need To Be Aware Of - The 8 most common side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs include mild symptoms like headaches to more severe adverse reactions such as vision problems and priapism.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/impotence-treatment-costs.html The Costs of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment - Impotence treatments vary in costs from a half dollar pill to thousands of dollar penile implant or reconstruction surgery. Learn about the prices for various erectile dysfunction treatments.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/impotence-vs-infertility.html The Difference Between Impotence and Infertility - Impotence and infertility are two related but different health conditions. Here we outline the differences as well as the similarities between them.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/peyronies-disease-treatment.html Peyronies and Impotence - How Are They Related? - Can Peyronies cause impotence? Find out about the causes, symptoms and how the disease can be related to erectile dysfunction.
  • http://www.impotence-guide.com/diseases-causing-impotence.html Common Health Conditions That Can Cause Impotence - Seven common health conditions that may cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. Find out how heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other diseases can lead to ED.

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