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  • Federico Mallo - Nice phone great price

    I bought it because a friend told me. I still have a Samsung GII but I paid for it more than double for what I paid for the BLU. It has similar features, similar size but the BLU runs the latest Android version, which is a lot better than previous ones. Screen resolution is great. Only thing I did not like is the BLU has generated its one custom icons for Gmail, browser, etc. and it surrounds them with a rounded figure that it takes to get use to it. (June 2013: this is no longer a problem with Android Jelly Bean update 4.1.1) I was planing to use them only for traveling abroad but I am using it now all the time.

  • Janmarie Brown - If you like historical fiction,you will like this book.

    A good read. Slowed down a bit in some places, but kept my interest. Feel good story of hope, hard work, thinking right and not letting the bad guys do you in. If you like historical fiction (as I do) you will like this book.

  • Heather - This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies ...

    This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review 2013-2014. The only difference is the 2 Practice tests that you get with this book and not the other. Save your money and purchase the 2013-2014 book. The book has practice exams after every chapter so you still get plenty of practice. Also the 2013-2014 book comes with a disc.

  • Amazon Customer - Nothing short of amazing

    I've suffered from allergies my whole life that last all year round. I've taken every medicine and nasal spray and at this point, nothing works anymore. I recently started getting allergy shots and have been using a neti pot off and on for years. I realized nasal irrigation could offer me relief from my sinus issues and the neti pot had been insufficient in administering said relief. The neti pot often burned and left so much water trapped in my nasal passage that anytime I bent over throughout the day my nose would drip.