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Injured Workers' Alliance - Workers Compensation - View worker compensation information and advice on how to best get through the workers compensation system.

  • http://www.injuredworker.org/iwa.htm About Injured Workers' Alliance - IWA advocates for Oregon workers. Our goal is to stop the suffering being inflicted upon injured workers by employers and insurance companies.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/please_assist_iwa.htm Please Assist our Injured Worker Advocacy Efforts - IWA advocates for improved safety laws and a workers' compensation system that acts in a caring, responsible, and ethical manner toward workers.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/medical.htm Medical Links - IWA provides several dozen links to medical information such as those involving RSI, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, suicide prevention, and disability.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/legal.htm Legal Links for Research - Find 400+ links to legal directories and libraries including mega-sites. Included our legal-related sites for workers' compensation info. Our FTP File Library has additional info.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/programs.htm Government Programs in Oregon - Oregon government and the workers' compensation system has various ptograms to assist those in need. Find information here.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/related.htm List of Worker Organizations - See a detailed list of groups in North America who defend the rights of workers, injured or otherwise. These Web sites provide crucial information to assist workers.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/insurance_fraud.htm Dozens of Examples of Insurer, Employer and Provider Fraud - View several dozen examples of fraud and unethical practices by insurers, employers, and medical providers involving workers' compensation, disability, home and property, and auto insurance.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/free.htm Coupons and other savings on the Internet - We know first-hand the financial hardships injured workers must endure. Although caused by the workers' comp system laws in general, it is severely aggravated by repeated claim closures and orchestrated delays by insurance conpanies.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/government.htm Government Links - Oregon government links and other contact information provided, along with some for the federal government.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/officials.htm Oregon Officials Involved in Workers' Compensation - View a list of contacts for Oregon's elected leaders and officials involved in workers compensation
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/media.htm Media Contact Information - View a list of Oregon newspapers and television and radio stations. Contact information provided
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/ime.htm Independent Medical Examinations - Examiners bias for insurrance companies and employers is notorious. Learn how to protect yourself.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/advice.htm Workers Compensation Advice for Injured Workers - Utilize the advice of those who preceeded you in the workers compensation system.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/hire_attorney.htm Hiring an Attorney - Quick tips for hiring a lawyer and twelve questions to ask when interviewing an attorney.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/choose_attorney.htm Attorneys: Who to Choose and Who to Avoid - When you select an attorney, do not take the first one you speak with. Talk to three or four and find one you are comfortable with who will have your interest at heart.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/worker_requested.htm Worker-Requested Medical Examination - SB485 entitles an injured worker to have a medical examination by a physician selected by the director and paid for by the insurer under certain circumstances.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/prepare_for_ime.htm Passing the Medical Exam - View other articles and information about insurer medical examinations at InjuredWorker.org.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/rico_claims.htm Employers Face RICO Claims For Workers Comp Denials - The plaintiffs contend that the company deliberately selected doctors who could be relied upon to provide medical opinions supporting decisions to cut off or deny benefits.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/choose_doctor.htm Choosing a Workers’ Compensation Doctor - Your ability to choose your own doctor for treatment related to a work-related injury covered by workers’ compensation depends on the state
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/Library/Work_Comp_Terms.htm Definitions of Workers' Compensation Terms - View several dozen definitions of commonly used workers' compensation system terms used in Oregon and elsewhere.
  • http://www.injuredworker.org/osha_ergonomics.htm What is Ergonomics - Find out what ergonomics is, learn about musculoskeletal disorders, read OSHA's final ergonomics program standard, and view a list of Web sites with additional information.

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