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Institut économique Molinari : proposer des solutions alternatives et innovantes favorables à la prospérité de l'ensemble des individus composant la société - L'Institut économique Molinari est un organisme de recherche et d'éducation. Il vise à entreprendre et à stimuler l'approche économique dans l'analyse (...)

  • http://www.institutmolinari.org/medicaments-innovants-les-prix,2829.html Institut économique Molinari | Médicaments innovants : les prix sont-ils trop élevés ? - Nombre d’éléments économiques peuvent expliquer le prix élevé de certains médicaments. En l’absence d’une organisation plus concurrentielle du système de santé, il est probable que les prix définis diffèrent de ceux qui auraient été déterminés par un processus concurrentiel. Pour autant, il est impossible de conclure qu’il y a nécessairement une marge de manœuvre significative pour faire baisser à court terme le prix des médicaments, sauf à assumer le risque de nuire à l’innovation pharmaceutique. À l’inverse, la question d’une organisation concurrentielle du système pourrait offrir des pistes d’amélioration.
  • http://www.institutmolinari.org/innovative-drugs-are-prices-too,2828.html Institut économique Molinari | Innovative drugs : are prices too high ? - The high prices of certain drugs can be explained by a number of economic factors. Without a more competitive way of organising the health care system, the prices that are established are likely to diverge from those that would have been determined through a competitive process. Even so, it cannot be concluded that there will necessarily be significant room for manoeuvre in pushing down drug prices in the short term, except at the risk of hindering pharmaceutical innovation. Conversely, organising the system in a competitive way could provide opportunities for improvement.

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    Depending on who you are and what you know, the information contained in this book is either real ancient or real futuristic. For example, did you know that bowling, cards, see-saws were not really games at all,... that they are really devices for developing spiritual and improving physical health? Did you know that depending on the day of the week and the colors you wear, your health can be helped. And that different types of scented oils can bring peace and tranquility to a household depending on the day of the week.

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    I been using this bat for 2 plus years, play over 200 games between school, little league, and travel softball, still works great, I'm am adding this again for my wish list for Christmas because I have fast hands and need the 33in, but the only problem was that I had to get a new grip because the original worn out after 2 years, but no problems works great, can't wait to get a new one.

  • Tiffany - Works, just don't black out before you take it.

    I purchased this with some skepticism, but it actual works! You have to take it before bed, sooo if you've already "blacked out" it's too late, but in any event, I've taken it in the morning just to try to get better.

  • Kindle Customer - I have them all!!!

    Love reading short stories . I have been buying these books for years and always enjoy them. I have quite a set from the 1960s to now!!

  • RhB2 - skeptical at first

    Have 2 kids and needed to resolve a flea infestation. followed directions and so far so good. Left the stuff down a couple of days and then vacumed. Had residual fleas for a couple of days, but it seems to have taken care of the issue in treated areas. The worst part about he whole thing is swatting at all the imaginary ones I now feel crawling on my legs after this started. It takes a lot more time for those to go away. Good product worth the money for sure

  • yaya49 - Retinol cream from Majestic Pure for face and neck.

    Very pleased with the results of this product. The top is pressure operated. So when you remove the clear top and press the cover on top of the retinol a small amount comes out of the top without wasting product. Easy to swipe off with your finger and apply to your face. Then replace the clear top with a snap of the lid. I will purchase this product again.