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La Jolla Dentist Dr. Jacob Russell | Dentistry in San Diego - La Jolla Dentist Dr. Jacob Russell provides general, cosmetic, implant and emergency dentistry services to San Diego patients.

  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/about/ Meet Our Team | La Jolla Dentist Dr. Jacob Russell DDS - Our experienced and talented dental team provides quality service and comfortable care for every patient in La Jolla, San Diego. Call now!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/about/our-team/ About Our Team - Our Dental Team provides quality service and comfortable care for every patient. Please call Dr. Russell in La Jolla today for a consultation (858) 216-4160
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/about/consultation/ Dental Consultation With Dr. Russell in La Jolla - During your Dental Consultation Dr. Jacob Russell will evaluate your oral health and discuss cosmetic dentistry solutions for the ideal smile (858) 216-4160
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/about/specials/ Specials - Jacob Russell, D.D.S. - Stay up-to-date with the latest specials from La Jolla dentist Jacob Russell, serving all San Diego areas
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/ Dental Services from Jacob Russell, DDS - Our La Jolla and San Diego Dental Services include general and cosmetic dentistry treatments with advanced technology. 35+ years experience (858) 216-4160
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/ General Dentistry - Jacob Russell, DDS - General Dentistry services at our La Jolla office include cleaning and exams, emergency treatment, periodontal treatment and more!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/cleaning-and-oral-hygiene/ Teeth Cleaning in La Jolla, San Diego - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - To maintain a healthy smile, schedule your six-month teeth cleaning appointment with Dr. Jacob Russell at his La Jolla, San Diego office.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/diagnodent/ DIAGNOdent in La Jolla - Dr. Jacob Russell, D.D.S. - DIAGNOdent finds up to 90% of cavities in early stages, compared to 57% with traditional methods. If you want the most advanced dental care, call today!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/gum-disease/ Gum Disease Treatment La Jolla, San Diego - Dr. Russell - San Diego patients can have gum disease (periodontitis) treated by Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS in La Jolla. Gum disease is not only an oral health concern, but can affect other areas of the body as well.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/laser-dentistry/ Laser Dentistry La Jolla, San Diego - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - Utilizing top-of-the-line laser dentistry technology helps La Jolla's Dr. Jacob Russell, to thoroughly diagnose and treat gum disease and periodontitis.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/digital-dental-x-rays/ Digital Dental X-Rays La Jolla - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - The benefits of digital dental x-rays include better diagnosis, shorter appointment time, and reduced radiation. Contact Dr. Russell today!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/tooth-repair/ Tooth Repair & Replacement La Jolla, San Diego - Dr. Russell - Our San Diego dentist believes broken tooth repair & replacement should keep the natural look and feel of your smile. Get a free consulation with Dr. Russell.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/general-dentistry/tooth-grinding/ Teeth Grinding Treatment La Jolla - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - Before teeth grinding damages your teeth, seek treatment from Dr. Jacob Russell in La Jolla. He will recommend solutions with minimal effect on lifestyle.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/ Cosmetic Dentistry La Jolla, San Diego - Jacob Russell, DDS - Dr. Jacob Russell has decades of experience improving the smiles of his San Diego cosmetic dentistry patients with crowns, veneers, cleanings and more.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/common-cosmetic-problems/ Common Cosmetic Dental Problems - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS explores several common problems with cosmetic dental work including: chipped teeth, a gummy smile and more.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/crowns/ Dental Crowns La Jolla | Tooth Crowns San Diego - La Jolla and San Diego patients seeking dental crowns come see Dr. Jacob Russell to get the most advanced and courteous treatment in the area.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/porcelain-veneers/ Porcelain Veneers San Diego & La Jolla | Dr. Jacob Russell - Transform your smile with high quality custom made porcelain veneers by Dr. Jacob Russell DDS in La Jolla, San Diego. Call today to schedule your consultation.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-implants/ Dental Implants La Jolla | Implant Dentistry San Diego - Dental Implants provide a strong, healthy, attractive tooth replacement. To learn about custom natural looking tooth restorations, call Dr. Russell today!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/tooth-whitening/ Teeth Whitening La Jolla | Teeth Bleaching San Diego - Professional teeth whitening is stronger, more effective than store-bought options. Call Dr. Jacob Russell in La Jolla to brighten your smile!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/smile-makeover/ San Diego Smile Makeover - Dr. Jacob Russell in La Jolla - A smile makeover is a custom improvement plan for teeth that saves time and money. San Diego cosmetic dentist Dr. Russell strives for perfection with your smile.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-bonding/ San Diego Dental Bonding – La Jolla | Dr. Jacob Russell DDS - La Jolla dentist Dr.Jacob Russell, provides dental bonding to reinforce weakened tooth enamel, or seal damaged teeth. Call now to schedule your consultation!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/fillings/ Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings La Jolla - Dr. Jacob Russell - Tooth-colored dental fillings match your teeth's natural white color. They're much more desirable than traditional fillings. Contact Dr. Russell's office today.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-bridges/ Dental Bridges La Jolla, San Diego - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - La Jolla patients can get dental bridges from Dr. Jacob Russell for a more comprehensive tooth restoration solution. Contact Dr. Russell today!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/cosmetic-dentistry/dental-inlays-onlays/ Dental Inlays & Onlays La Jolla - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - San Diego dental patients can get ceramic or porcelain dental inlays/onlays from Dr. Jacob Russell in La Jolla to restore function to natural teeth.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/restorative-dentistry/ Restorative Dentistry La Jolla & San Diego | Dr. Jacob Russell - San Diego dentist Dr. Jacob Russell DDS offers various restorative dental services to rebuild your amazing smile. Call to schedule your consultation today!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/family-dentistry/ Family Dentistry La Jolla, San Diego - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - Dr. Russell has been seeing families in La Jolla for over 35 years providing exams, cleanings and oral health care. Contact us about family dentistry today!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/family-dentistry/pregnancy-dental-health/ Prenatal Dental Care La Jolla - Dr. Jacob Russell, DDS - La Jolla dentist Dr. Jacob Russell can help you maintain your dental health when you're expecting. Learn more about our prenatal dental care services.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/family-dentistry/pediatric-dentistry/ Pediatric Dentistry La Jolla | Children's Dentist San Diego - Our La Jolla, San Diego dentist, Dr. Jacob Russell, offers the best in pediatric dentistry, specializing in keeping children calm during their dental visit!
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/services/family-dentistry/emergency-dentistry/ San Diego Emergency Dentistry | Dr. Jacob Russell DDS - Our La Jolla Emergency Dentist provides 24/7 care for patients in need. Dr. Russell is available nights, weekends, and holidays to provide emergency care.
  • http://www.jacobrusselldds.com/gallery/ Before and After Dental Photos San Diego - Dr. Russell - View our before and after dental photos of La Jolla Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Russell. If you are looking to improve your smile, call our dentist today!

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