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  • Anna K - Shady company - worthless product

    DO NOT PURCHASE THIS from their website. They will automatically sign you up for the "subscription" version of their product. Their customer service is also a joke and the amount of effort you will waste getting unsubscribed for something you didn't even sign up for.. plus the shipping charges they will keep from you... just not worth it. Quality is also a joke. Even if their company wasn't super shady and tricking you into paying for things you did not purchase.... I still wouldn't recommend it.

  • Stuart U - Very great product. It works well in softening the hairs

    Very great product. It works well in softening the hairs. A little bit goes a very long way so much so that I am still having trouble with using too much. While the product does say it is unscented, it does actually have a very minute scent to it. It is nothing too drastic and is just the natural smell of the oil. IT has a kind of woodsy outdoor scent that goes away quickly after the oil is dried or absorbed into the hair and skin. I would definitely buy this again but it will be a while because this is a big bottle and not a lot needs to be used.

  • dcroadrnnr - and everything works fine. I am now stuck with a broken switch

    Ordered this switch. Got the harness all installed, and found the switch was missing a terminal. Ordered another switch. Got the switch hooked up for a test. Toggled the switch a couple times, and the back started to fall off, and it started to smoke. Bought a new switch locally, and everything works fine. I am now stuck with a broken switch, as the harness is installed.

  • Heather - This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies ...

    This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review 2013-2014. The only difference is the 2 Practice tests that you get with this book and not the other. Save your money and purchase the 2013-2014 book. The book has practice exams after every chapter so you still get plenty of practice. Also the 2013-2014 book comes with a disc.

  • C. La Marr - Affordable. Horrible products.

    The only thing good about cantu shea products are the prices, other than that they suck. The leave in conditioner is drying it is not at all creamy or slippery enough. For the life of me I do not know why people like this product so much.