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  • Amazon Customer - I don't know of one time the book helped me better than any websites

    I tried over and over to use this book, but it wasn't nearly as helpful as any websites I found. I don't know of one time the book helped me better than any websites. I would have preferred to only use the book but it just wasn't helpful enough.

  • Gary Odom - does not deserve the glowing reviews

    Did not find this book particularly helpful. Had to buy another book to figure out Access 2013. (I used to be a whiz at Access 2000. Thought this book would be a sufficient refresher.)

  • W Holder - Helped get me over the hurdle I was stuck on.

    After losing about 40 pounds, I had been stuck at the same weight for months. I exercised daily, ate well, but my progress just stopped. I received a sample of this product, and within a couple weeks I had broken through whatever barrier had me stuck. Did it work miracles, no. Did it help get me where I needed along with workout and diet, yes.

  • Cookie - Sweet relief from poison ivy itch.

    Poison ivy vines are pervasive in my neighborhood. I spend hundreds every year trying to rid it from my yard because I am a member of the unfortunate group of people who contact poison ivy when the wind blows (assuming particulate matter has come in contact with urushiol oil before becoming airborne). When I contact poison ivy, no matter how often I scrub the afflicted area nor how frequently I apply anti-histamine lotion, the itch remains maddening, yet I refuse to take oral or injected steriods. Who needs their blood sugar elevated for 6-months, fluid retention, or an increased appetite resulting from steriods? Presently, I have a rash on my lower, inner arm. I received my order of Zanfel on Friday evening and with the first application, the itch dissipated and by morning 75% of the rope-like rash had disappeared. Because Zanfel is not available locally, I'm definitely ordering more product from Amazon.

  • Kindle Customer - Good book

    This story was written quite well. It delves into a sense of madness that happens when life throws you a curve ball. I enjoyed how each chapter was either "before" or "after" letting the reader see what lead to certain actions and the actions as they played out. Now, while I may not identify with Evelyn in some respects, I can see how she fell into the choices she was making. And ultimately, that is the sign of good writing, being able to emphasize with a character and feel for them because they have depth. So, thanks to the author for that!