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Mr Jit Balakumar | Paediatric & Adult Orthopaedic Surgeon | Hip Arthroscopy | Hip Replacement | Knee Surgery | Scoliosis Surgery | Orthopaedic Surgery | Melbourne - Mr Jit Balakumar, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon with surgical interests in hip dysplasia, hip & knee surgery, hip arthroscopy and scoliosis surgery, Melbourne, Australia

  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/jit-balakumar-paediatric-adult-orthopaedic-surgeon.html Jit Balakumar, Paediatric & Adult Orthopaedic Surgeon - Mr Jit Balakumar - Melbourne orthopaedic surgeon with extensive expertise in lower limb surgery - joint preservation surgeries of the hip (hip arthroscopy, osteotomies and impingement surgery) and total hip joint replacement.
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-conditions/hip-impingement.html Hip Impingement | Hip Conditions - Hip impingement can occur from deformities of the femur (cam impingement), acetabulum (pincer impingement), or as a result of a combination of the two abnormalities.
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-conditions/slipped-upper-femoral-epiphysis-scfe-or-sufe.html Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE or SUFE) | Hip Conditions - Slipped Upper Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE or SUFE) - a common condition in the rapidly growing child. Treatment and management by Jit Balakumar, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Melbourne
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-surgery/hip-arthroscopy.html Hip Arthroscopy | Hip Surgery - Hip arthroscopy is an advanced technique in keyhole surgery with modern instrumentation that has revolutionized treatment of disorders around the hip
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-surgery/total-hip-replacement.html Total Hip Replacement | Hip Joint Replacement Surgery | Hip Surgery | Jit Balakumar Melbourne - Total hip joint replacement surgery performed for a painful hip joint that has lost all its cartilage and failed non operative treatment, Jit Balakumar Hip Surgery Melbourne
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-surgery/total-hip-replacement-via-anterior-approach.html Total Hip Replacement via Anterior Approach | Hip Surgery - Dr Balakumar, Melbourne orthopaedic surgeon, utilises the Anterior approach for most of  his total hip replacements and some of his Revision hip surgery.
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-surgery/treatments-for-hip-dysplasia.html Treatments for Hip Dysplasia | Hip Surgery - Treatments for Hip Dysplasia include non-surgical and surgical treatment. If an anatomic abnormality of the acetabulum is causing hip symptoms and if surgery can correct the abnormality, then surgery should be considered.
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-surgery/periacetabular-osteotomy-pao.html Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) | Hip Surgery - Periacetabular osteotomy (PAO) - surgical treatment for hip dysplasia which preserves and improves the function of the patient’s own hip joint rather than replacing it with an artificial one. Jit Balakumar, Melbourne
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/hip-surgery/adolescent-and-young-adult-hip-preservation.html Adolescent and Young Adult Hip Preservation | Hip Surgery - Dr Balakumar has an extensive experience and training in hip preservation surgery in the adolescent and young adult population in Melbourne.
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/paediatric/hip-dysplasia-infant-paediatric.html Hip Dysplasia - Infant and Paediatric | Paediatric Congenital and Development Disorders of the Hip - Infant and Paediatric Hip dysplasia - congenital and development disorder of the hip. Diagnosis and treatment options including Dennis Brown abduction bar. Jit Balakumar, Melbourne
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/new-patients/understanding-surgery-fees.html Understanding Surgery Fees | New Patients - Understanding Surgery Fees - Orthopaedic surgery performed by Mr Jit Balakumar, Melbourne
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/fact-sheets/pre-operative-information.html Pre Operative Information | Fact Sheets - Preparing for Surgery. Pre Admission information for Mr Dean White's patients undergoing a plastic surgery procedure.
  • http://www.jitbalakumar.com.au/index.php/new-patients/post-operative-instructions.html Post-Operative Instructions | New Patients - Jit Balakamur - Post Operative Instructions for patients following orthopaedic surgery.

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  • Dancing2 - Really Not That Bad

    I used to be a professional dancer and bought Jillian because I wanted to be able to keep my toned body. There were quite a bit of reviews that did not like it, but I still took the chance. Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has them, but I found this game to be very fulfilling. Yes there are some exercises that are pretty intense, that I have to take a break, but you are able to make your own regiment. I got this game almost a month ago and do it almost every night. I do work Mon-Fri 8-6, and when I get home I just want to sit and relax, but my body is telling me Jillian!!!!!!! If you are looking to stay toned or to get toned, there is quite an array of exercises that will help. I do suggest this game. Lots of other exercise games are quite expensive and this one is affordable.

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    This game is a lot of fun, as well as great exercise. If you have played any of the previous Just Dance games, it is very similar, but with some additional choices/choreography for each song.

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