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Builders | Civil Engineers | JMH | John Martin-Hoyes Limited Building & Civil Engineering Contractors | Lincoln - John Martin-Hoyes are building and civil engineering contractors involved in all aspects of construction work, operating in east midlands. JMH are based in Lincoln, UK.

  • http://www.johnmartin-hoyes.co.uk/standards.html Quality Standards | John Martin-Hoyes Limited, Building and Civil Engineering Contractors, Lincoln - With ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 in place, John Martin-Hoyes Limited ensure that quality is managed with a firm commitment to getting it right first time. Accredited within the CHAS and having met pre-qualification requirements appropriate to public and private sector procurement, JMH also have membership of the NHBC.
  • http://www.johnmartin-hoyes.co.uk/client_list.html Client List | Building & Civil Engineering Contractors | JMH | John Martin-Hoyes Limited, Lincoln - With an impressive client list, John Martin-Hoyes Limited are building and civil engineering contractors based in Lincoln, UK, covering the East Midlands.
  • http://www.johnmartin-hoyes.co.uk/contact.html Contact Us | JMH | John Martin Hoyes Limited, Lincoln - John Martin-Hoyes, Building & Civil Engineering Contractors based at Martin House, Exchange Road, Doddington Road, Lincoln. Tel. 01522 696363
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