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JOINN Innovation Park - Biotech Acceleration Campus - Biotech acceleration campus with research labs, GMP, preclinical and investment, the leading life science incubator and accelerator at San Francisco Bay Area

  • http://www.joinnparks.com/biospace.html Lab Space for Leasing at JOINN Innovation Park - JOINN Innovation Park provides 150,000 sqft research labs, including wet labs, cell culture, clean rooms. The campus provides full service for biotech companies
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/office.html Offices Available at JOINN Innovation Park - There are over 65,000 square feet of office space available at JOINN Innovation Park. There are difference setups for small to large enterprise.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/floorplan.html Floor Plans at at Joinn Innovation Park - The detail floor plans of the research labs, offices, cafeteria, auditorium, incubator suite, cell culture.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/campus.html Campus Building Maps at JOINN Innovation Park - The buildings and purposes at JOINN Innovation Park, the public transit stops near the campus.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/gallery.html JoinnParks Campus Picture Gallery - The pictures of the interior and exterior of the biotechnology acceleration campus.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/brochure.html The Brochure of JOINN Innovation Park - The brochure provides a PDF file with detail of campus introduction, core services, and advantages of the campus to biotech and life science companies.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/investment.html Investment services at JOINN Innovation Park - The investments with its strategic partners, providing early stage angel investment, late stage ventral capital investments.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/companies.html Resident Biotech Companies at JOINN Innovation Park - List the life science and biotech companies currently run their research and services in JOINN Innovation Park, including therapeutic drug discovery and research, antibody and stemcall related services, micro tissue array products and services, diagnostic products and services, and medical devices.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/preclinical.html Pre-clinical Services at Joinn Innovation Park - The Joinn Innovation Park provides comprehensive pre-clinical services, with a research building dedicated for pre-clinical services.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/gmp.html GMP Manufacturing at at Joinn Innovation Park - The GMP manufacturing facility provides Biological drug production, including antibody drug, vaccine, and gene therapy drug manufacturing.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/about.html About Joinn Innovation Park - The Biotechnology Acceleration Campus - The about page shows the core services provided by the JOINN Innovation Park, including research wet lab leasing, office, clean room, GMP manufacturing, pre-clinical services.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/events.html Recent Events at JOINN Innovation Park - The recent large and remarkable events in JOINN Innovation Park, including the large scale biotech company networking events, and milestone activities to the campus.
  • http://www.joinnparks.com/contact.html Contacts at JOINN Innovation Park - The contacts at JOINN Innovation Park includes the contact persons for research labs leasing, pre-clinical services and the address and maps of the campus.

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