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Kirtland Community College, Michigan - Get a degree from Kirtland. Kirtland Community College, Roscommon, Michigan, offers 43 degrees and certificates and four transfer associate degree programs.

  • http://www.kirtland.edu/why-kirtland Why Kirtland? | Kirtland Community College, MI - Have a question? Call us!   (989) 275-5000, ext. 284 Apply now—it's FREE! Contact our Recruiter How to Contact Us Where are you headed
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/get-a-personal-brochure Get a personal brochure | Kirtland Community College, MI - Looking for more KCC information? Select your academic program of interest and we'll create a personalized brochure online.
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/orientation Orientation/Advising/Registration | Kirtland Community College, MI - Request Information How to Contact Us Welcome to Kirtland! We are pleased that you've chosen Kirtland. We look forward to working with you to meet your
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/admissions/transferring-to-kirtland Transferring TO Kirtland | Kirtland Community College, MI - Apply now—it's FREE! Request Information How to Contact Us Do you plan to transfer TO Kirtland? Students intending to transfer credit to Kirtland
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/paying-for-college Paying for College | Kirtland Community College, MI - Request Information How to Contact Us We’re here to help you apply for grants and scholarships — even if you think you won’t qualify. Why? Because you
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/paying-for-college/tuition-and-fees Tuition and Fees | Kirtland Community College, MI - Senior Citizens Rates Students who are at least 60 years of age and residents of the Kirtland district are eligible for a scholarship which covers up to 3
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/paying-for-college/cost-of-classes Cost of Classes | Kirtland Community College, MI - Fall semester cost of classes Winter semester cost of classes Summer semester cost of classes
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/paying-for-college/how-to-apply-for-financial-aid How to Apply for Financial Aid | Kirtland Community College, MI - Kirtland’s staff will help you with every phase of the financial aid process. If you have questions of any kind relating to financial aid, please call or email
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/programs-we-offer Academic Programs | Kirtland Community College, MI - Whether you want an earn an associate degree or a certificate to enhance your credibility, Kirtland Community College has programs geared toward your success.
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/programs-we-offer/online-programs Online Programs | Kirtland Community College, MI - Don’t tell the others, but you are the smart one — even if you’re not that savvy. Our online programs rock — and so will you. Take a good look, then take your
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/current-student Current Student | Kirtland Community College, MI - Everything for current students including: Most Used Links, Academics, Finances, Student Success Center, Online Services, Resources for Students.
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/student-central Student Central | Kirtland Community College, MI - Most Used Links Student Forms Central Buy your textbooks online How to request a transcript Academics Academic Advising Academic
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/employee-central Employee Central | Kirtland Community College, MI - Academics College Catalog Graduation & Commencement Library Programs We Offer (Academic Programs) Registration Dates Tutoring Online
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/for-parents For Parents | Kirtland Community College, MI - Getting Started Why Kirtland? Admissions Orientation/Advising/Registration Day (OAR) Transferring TO Kirtland Get a program
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/for-the-community For the Community | Kirtland Community College, MI - Academics College Catalog Graduation & Commencement How to request a transcript Library List of Degrees and Certificates Programs We
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/about-kirtland About Kirtland | Kirtland Community College, MI - Kirtland Community College is a great place to learn what you need to fly into a better job, a new job, a career or an advanced degree.
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/board-of-trustees Board of Trustees | Kirtland Community College, MI - The Kirtland Community College Board of Trustees can be contacted by calling the President’s Office at (989)275-5000, Ext. 253. If you would like to send
  • http://www.kirtland.edu/directions-to-kirtland Directions to Kirtland | Kirtland Community College, MI - Kirtland Community College's Central Campus is located near Roscommon in the heart of beautiful northern Michigan. Kirtland Community College 10775 N. St.

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