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  • JessJulio - Don't buy, just take the drive to your local hardware store

    Bought this out of laziness, and it was the biggest mistake I've ever made! I should have gone to Lowes or HD, but no, too lazy to drive and well...paying the price. Received 3 jugs with the air tightness compromised so totally useless! Not sure if these are plain old, but came with black "particles" (for lack of better word) and chunks already solid. Worse $32 ever spent!!!! :(

  • Jamie Waldrop - No Difference

    I have not seen a difference in any way. To be honest, I might as well be putting plain water on my face. Sorry, maybe its just me….

  • Bayou belle - My dental hygienist will love me now!

    I didn't know what to expect for this price point, but this one was definitely a great buy. It came with several tips including a Nasal irrigation tip. I love that the tips can be stored in the unit. My hubby had never used a water pic, so he was not to keen on using. Now he loves it. The dripping from the water tank as stated on other reviews, is not a big issue and certainly not a reason to pass this one up.

  • JulieF - Exactly What Every Cyclist Needs

    I am an avid cyclist with crabby, sensitive skin. FungaSoap takes care of the heavy duty sunscreen and road grime without ripping my hide off. It has a very strong tea tree smell, but I do not mind it at all. In a pinch, I also used it to shave my legs and it worked like a charm. Great multi-use product!

  • JohnW - Fantastic Game! Review from a Beginner.

    I have never held a guitar, let alone played one, until yesterday afternoon when Rocksmith 2014 and my new guitar arrived. The extent of my guitar knowledge came from games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I had read some pretty amazing reviews about this game but, honestly, I was still skeptical that a tone-deaf individual, like myself, could benefit from this. My skepticism quickly dissipated once I began the lessons.

  • Barb - Great addition to series

    Safe from Harm by Kate Serine is the 2nd book in her exciting Protect and Serve series. I enjoyed the first book by Serine, and Safe from Harm is even better. Gabe Dawson is our hero, and a sexy hunk who is known to be a love and leave them type. Gabe comes from a law enforcement family, with members of the police force or the FBI.