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  • Amahra - and find it the best PM sleep aid of all the rest

    This product does what it says it can do, make you drowsy so you fall asleep, but not habit forming. Well, maybe psychologically. I've used it off and on for many years, and find it the best PM sleep aid of all the rest.

  • Taylan - Please save your money. The quality control is absolutely abysmal.

    The idea behind this mouse is great. Love the shape, love the scroll wheel. I have recently purchased 4 of these. Every single one has a defect. The first mouse the left click button didn't work, if you clicked it was loose and would double even triple click. The other 2 have dust flecks in the finish so over time the finish is guaranteed to wear off. The 4th mouse has 0 flecks of dust nor does it double click, but of course the left click button is loose which is just infuriating. I have an fk2 fk1 zowie za-11, za 12 and a logitech 303. None of these mice have these quality control issues. I want a final mouse, but it seems like they are just cheap Chinese made crap. Also the first mouse was 100% opened and used, the feet were clearly taken off by someone and reattached.

  • bamyers08 - This is a great item!

    This product is absolutely amazing. I did not even know this software existed until I was at a family reunion and one of my family members was showing all of us our family tree on this software. I have always enjoyed history, but never family history and ancestry until I saw and purchased this product. As soon as I got this software, I became hooked on reaseaching my ancestors and documenting as much as I possibly could. I think the free three month subscription to Ancestry.com is a great way for people to get into geneology and to find great historical documents involving their ancestors. I love this product and would buy it again in a heart beat!

  • Debbie Black - This product did not work for me.

    This product did not work for me at all. I stopped using it after about five days because I thought it was making my hair fall out.