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  • Ariel Cloven - Perfect!

    I'm an exotic dancer and got tired of slipping off the pole when girls would use lotion and touch the pole. Granted, at one of my clubs, it doesn't do too much help, but it might also be due to the metal material of the pole itself. At my main club, it has definitely made a difference, and I can do so many more tricks, too!

  • Sean M Pitts - Pretty good, but you really need to know yourself ...

    Pretty good, but you really need to know yourself and whether you drank enough to expect a reasonable hangover to know if it really helped you or not...worked well for me...a dull headache on waking gone after a shower and a cup of coffee, normally would have been quite wrecked the next day...I was pleasantly surprised

  • K. Liang - Pairs well with cat haired sweaters

    Folks, it's never too late to plan for the future. I once planned for my wedding, but after that whole headache was over and done with, now the planning I do is much simpler. I mean aside from the cooking instructions this book offers many other pleasant features. For example, instead of sharing a bed of lies with my used to be significant other, I can now cuddle up with Microwave for One in my leopard print snuggie and fear no betrayal.

  • Jakob - Finally learning guitar!

    I heard about rocksmith when it first came out and held off on getting it because I didn't think a video game would actually help me learn guitar. After rocksmith 2014 came out and I starting seeing positive reviews, I reconsidered. I'm glad that I did, not only is it now my favorite rhythm game, but it really is helping me to practice guitar on a regular basis and I'm learning much faster than I ever had before on my own.


    This product comes highly recommended for my light maple engineered hardwood floors. However, after two years, there is a very noticeable dull haze on my floors. My housekeeper and I have both noticed this. When I searched the web, it turns out that many of the people complaining about this are using Bona. I made a fairly strong vinegar and water solution, and applied it and let it dry 5 or 6 times in one area. After doing it, that area has much of its original shine again. I will have my housekeeper start using only vinegar and water, and over time, I hope to see the original shine return. I think Bona is probably excellent for traditional wood floors with a lot of grain, but for light-colored modern floors, it becomes counter-productive.

  • William J. Williams Jr - The best battery box you can get.

    This product is better than expected.. I found the box lid and handle to be very sturdy and I expect this box to be around a long time after the bargain boxes are gone. The box flexed little with the weight of the battery Regarding the features: the carrying handle is quite useful and makes the box easy to carry; the LED voltmeter read battery level consistently; the usb port for telephone battery charging is quite useful and makes consistently good connections; the power point (cigarette lighter receptacle) is of full metal construction that makes good connection all of the time. There are cheaper boxes available but this one is the one you want!