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  • Charles P. Poole, Jr. - THE VIRGIN MARY APPEARS

    This is a strange book about responding to the controversial Apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Medjugoije in Bosnia-Hercegovina. The author calls President Obama a "radical Marxist socialist" who wants to bring Marxism to America. The author supports founding small Christian villages around the US declared independent of "Federalization." He claims that scientific studies prove that the six visionaries of Medjugoije actually see something supernatural. I am not convinced by his overall message of how we must rechristianize America, but I do hope to see it rechristianized in my lifetime. . .

  • Directed Energy - Excellent Regardless of Configuration: Single, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10 - Comparable to 840 EVO 120GB, 250GB and 850 EVO 120GB

    To condense the following review, there is no absolute performance leader between the Samsung 850 EVO 120GB and 850 EVO 250GB relative to the Samsung 840 EVO 120GB and 840 EVO 250GB. The determining factors in the selection process and in particular to SSD RAID arrays, being the desired drive configuration and task assigned.

  • Derek J. Cusworth - Excellent magazine for update on the usual "science" stuff and ...

    Excellent magazine for update on the usual "science" stuff and technology.Historically has always been a decent magazine and that continues.