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  • Chuck Warman - DR-630 is a piece of garbage.

    Printer is 2 years old, medium duty. Replaced drum one year ago with a generic, worked fine for a year. So today, I get a "REPLACE DRUM" message. Just so happened that I had an unopened DR-630 on hand. Replaced drum, still get the "REPLACE DRUM" message. Swapped it out for the old one again, cleaned it up a bit, now works fine. Worst slap in the face -- drum costs only $27 less than an entire new HLL2360 printer WITH drum and toner at Best Buy.

  • shirley anne phillips - Dissappointed this information was not in the product description.

    I had a quicken home eddition 2007 on my computer and it work ok however I thought the 2014 would be much improved and easier to use. The download went ok but when I tried to open the proram, I get the message that is will not open becuase it needs 1GB of free space to run the program. So dissappointed that it will not work when the old program I erased did just fine on less space. Before that I had a Quick Book Pro for Constrution Company book keeping and it worked fine and did not need 1GB of space to run. I guess newer is not better....I just wasted my money, not like I can get an instore credit..

  • josh hughes - Great!!!!

    Ive never been so scared to buy a amazon product before I thought for shore these were fakes but I took a chance and bought them. They came a day late but well worth it these didn't come in an envelope like someone said, they came in a box. I looked up every thing that real Ray-Bans should have like

  • Richard W. Reid - Blood Pressure monitor IHealth

    Received the IHealth Monitor and use with my IPhone. The unit works great however I don't know how accurate the readings are compared to what the results from my doctor are. The graphs are neat and it keeps track of the date and time of your readings. I think it's a must have for anyone who has to monitor there blood pressure.

  • J. Hiatt - Daughter loves it!!

    I purchased this for my 12-year-old daughter, and she loves it. It's soft, comfortable, and fits perfectly. She even loves to sleep in it (which I warn her is bad for the bra, but she insists it's just so comfortable). I would definitely purchase another one in any color. It offers a smooth appearance under her t-shirts and other tops, which is a plus! It's a great t-shirt bra! And the price is great, too.