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  • C. Inman - It Is What It Is

    I've used this tablet for a few days now and I have to say that I'm quite satisfied. Look, it isn't a $400 tablet (I paid $119 which included the shipping)...so don't buy this expecting it to perform like one! But what it does it does pretty good. It does the basics like surf the web, plays music, plays games, type documents...etc. It is super easy to download apps from the Play Store which comes preloaded. My tablet came with ICS 4.0.4, as well as Flash 11.1. A friend of mine who is an IT guy was impressed the (2) USB ports, the HDMI, as well as the RJ-45 connector. Look folks, it is what it is and what it is is not bad! If you don't need all the whistle and bells...then this tablet is for you.

  • Hyflyin - Agree with Aaron Gabriel..

    Mr. Gabriel hit the nail on the head, this has to be the most expensive heating pad... I saw the great TV commercials on the wonder of this unit, and purchased it, and used it for two month on various aches and pains, to no avail..I thought about returning it, but ran out of time trying to see if it met the hype of the commercials.. It is now residing in a drawer...Win some, lose some!

  • Tina - Disappointed

    I was very disappointed when I opened my package and it was not what I ordered. I was supposed to receive one spray and one brush on, but instead I received two bottles of the spray. So I'm sorry but I can't tell you if this product works or not. Maybe when/if I order the brush on I will be able to tell you something.

  • Donna166 - Only shampoo for my Husky

    My Husky has very sensitive skin that is always irritated and this is the only shampoo that will calm his skin and heal the dryness and redness. It will keep his skin good for almost a week before I have to wash him again.

  • Tino Quiñones - Almost the perfect case.

    It's almost the perfect case, but the leather is a bit large. I've compared it to other larger cases and this one is s lot better in many ways and the TPU case fits my GS7e perfect.

  • Tom Olsen - It is a month old the touch pad began to ...

    It is a month old the touch pad began to malfunction .....pointer would jump all over without being touched and constantly right click and left click...it finally crashed and now wont start...it is 3 days over the return date for amazon so they wont let me return it....I have to get through the maze HP support has set up to get you to give up so they don't have to support their products.... Have been on the phone for over an hour and still have not talked to a live person to help with the issues......