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  • Cmomma - Needs dual POV

    Believe definitely wasn't my favorite book. I didn't DNF it, because I did enjoy the story and the author's style of writing kept me interested. However, I really felt like this book could've been shortened by a third or more. How many times can Boots run away from Mark for whatever misguided reason and then have Mark take her back? There definitely should've been a "3 strikes you're out" rule for them. Some of the plot lines felt a little like high school excuses for forgetting homework - her phone was turned off and that's when she missed his texts?? It just seemed like too much variation of the same story.

  • Elizabeth Flores - Don't waste your money with this product

    Don't waste your money with this product. I tried it and the product got STUCK on my face, yes you heard me right people. There was little tiny pieces stuck to my face like glue. I didn't see any improvement and picking the product off my face isn't something I'm sure you want to do, nor is something its meant to do. I did check the expiration date and no it wasn't expired. So, bottom line, not worth your money.

  • Frank - Excellent book

    I was look for a book which was mainly for the Desktop vs Web applications. And this was the book. I have not used since Access 2003 version, this book bought me up to speed. The download files were exactly as the examples in the book were. But I wish somebody would write a books MS Access 2013 vb.net for the Desktop not the Web.

  • VitaminMoose - A good basic manual

    As the title eludes, it is the manual that Microsoft should produce for Access. It will answer all of your basic questions. Great for someone wanting to learn Access or as a reference for intermediate users.

  • S. Wade - Results

    Please someone who has taken the pill and seen results please email me. If you have before and after pictures that would be great? [email protected] Thank you