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    I've been a long-time user of Delorme's Street Atlas. Love it! Just wish they were more 'up-to-date' on new roads, etc.,

  • Cat M - healing

    doc said I have rosacea, light case. Meds are $286 for one month. I prefer to treat topically than systemically. Not advising, just my preference.

  • Linebacker79 - This stuff really works, but pay close attention to the instructions...

    I came to Veet as an innocent man does to a woman's product with images of satin calf and gentle hand. And with that in my head, after one long summer bike ride I loaded my palm and went to work slathering it liberally on my twig and berries. What happened next forever changed my life. In that universe of blinding pain I would have eagerly kissed the medieval executioner's sewer pipe mouth and put my head to the block with grateful smile anticipating sweet release. No stocks, no flail, not even the inquisitor's cruelest implement could compare. But after the pain there came a smoothness more intoxicating even than the tears of the Poppy, and as with that dread flower I was hooked. But the coarseness of a vengeful Blackbeard slowly took that smoothness back, and so a blissful, dreadful cycle began and I was caught in the middle of it all. After my wife left me, I found myself in my parent's basement. And when I lost my job I began to search all the obscure and dusty library shelves for resolution. Then, in the back of a Chinese takeout shop, I found the man who led me in my mind to a place where nothing mattered. Now, after days of nonstop meditation, I am able to ride the pain...barely. There is still much more work to be done, but now at least I have hope.

  • mtr2116 - THIS STUFF WORKS!

    I'm a young black woman with lots of acne scars as well as melasma from birth control pills. My hyperpigmentation was horrible and was on my face and back. I used this stuff religiously. To be honest, I used it for months because my scars were that bad. I saw a difference within a few weeks, and after maybe 2 months, my back was completely smooth and even-toned. My face took a little longer, but I can also saw that I now leave the house without makeup, which I never did before. It not only evens your skin tone but your texture. It's expensive but I wholeheartedly​ can say that it lives up to expectation.

  • Leigh B. - Works great, just don't follow the directions follow mine :)

    This product works the best for getting rid of Cat Urine odor. After MUCH research I found best way to use this stuff is to get a turkey baster (yes!!!) and put it on the carpet with that so it gets down to pad. Then take a crappy towel and soak it in hot water, squeeze the excess water out, and fold up and lay on spot (push down firmly on carpet) and leave it for about 24 hours. When you lift the towel up you will see the urine stain on it. repeat until you don't see the stain on there. I don't smell it after that.