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  • Constance L. Mulholland - Rick Steves has the best tour information

    We're long time fans of Rick Steves. This is the first time we have bought an ebook. Don't want to tote a huge book along - so we have bought it for the Kindle. So far it seems to work great on there. We'll see how it goes on our trip.

  • Patrick Auclair - Giro Aeon amongst the best !

    Giro knows helmets . Super light and ultra comfortable . The only time I feel it is when I put it on and take it off . The crank in the back makes it a snap to adjust . When the head angle is just right, it feel like you have great wind tunnel running through your hair . Great for cooling on summer days . I just wish they had more pale colors to chose from . Keep the sun heat out of the equation .

  • Nathalie Lynn True - I'm super sensitive to caffeine and hate feeling jittery

    I have tried several thermogenics, I'm super sensitive to caffeine and hate feeling jittery... I wanted a fat burner that would keep me motivated when doing cardio, and I have to say this thing is the bomb! I only take 1 pill though, nevertheless it got me running / walking with incline on the treadmill for an hour and wanting to go more... I take it around 11 am because I work out after work. It has me wanting to do laps around the office...

  • tnew - LOVE!

    I create advertising for my company and love this program. It has tons of graphics and size options, and was so easy to learn 'on the go'. My only suggestion would be to add photo-altering capabilities.

  • Amazon Customer - I am amazed how easy it was to set up and how ...

    Wow! I am amazed how easy it was to set up and how well it works. This is the only router and extension that has worked in our office and I have tried so many of the high level routers. If you have a large office like I do with lead lined walls I recommend it.

  • K. Braet - Works great in our 10 year old hot tub

    I have a 10 year old hot tub, that had a slow leak. I used this product and it stopped the leak. I run this through the tub a few times a year to keep the slow leaks under control. We spent hundreds of dollars to have the repair shop take the tub and try to fix the leaks, without success. This product is way better than the shop. Just make sure you remove the filters, and once you put them back, you need to rinse the excess gunk off by the next day.