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  • Rana - and his hearing keeps getting worse, from years of riding motorcycles

    My husband is hard of hearing, and his hearing keeps getting worse, from years of riding motorcycles.He doesn’t think he has a problem, but everyone around him knows that he does. I purchased these for him, and we both were impressed. We don’t have to have the tv blaring and he asks me what someone on tv said every 10 minutes. These were easy to use. They came with an instruction manual batteries, traveling case, different size ear tips so he chose the size that was comfortable for him, and they were soft. He could adjust the volume easily. He said he would never wear these “out” but he did this past weekend when we went out with friends. They are hardly noticeable. We received these with a promotional discount to review, and we are very happy with this purchase.

  • Calvin Lok - Basic information only. No insider tips or travel tips.

    Poorly written, with minimal practical information other than listing of the major sites at each location and a brief description.

  • lisa errico - excellent price and quality

    Excellent quality and easy to use. Not a nightmare to put together if you are one of those people that does not get intimidated by alot of parts. Very heavy. Move to place you are keeping it piece by piece before you put it together.

  • Amanda Kampmiller - Awesome!

    I noticed a difference after the first use! My teeth are already pretty white, but who doesn't want the extra help? Only downside is it can be a little messy, so I brush my teeth in the shower (is that weird?) love this stuff, product came fast and seller was awesome. Definitely recommend

  • Brad - Nice starting place for a discussion of relativity and the power of adjectives.

    This is a really short books with a very positive message. It is great as a bedtime book because the pictures are really well done, the story isn't too complex and it is a quick read.

  • Wildflower - Great Product

    I love this item makes it so much easier to get into the car when your hands are full. Would definitely tell other people about it.

  • Robert Kerns - Not all Henckels are Created Equal!

    I was excited to get this set as we were moving into our first house and the first home I we bought. With that said I wanted to purchase a good set of knives for the kitchen. Within one month of the purchase all of the smaller knives tips had bent and there was rust beginning to show on the knives near the handle. Do not waste your money on this knife set. I am really doing my homework before I purchase my next knife set. I went on name brand recognition on this set. BIG MISTAKE!