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Gynecomastia & Pseudogynecomastia Treatment - There are two types of man boobs - gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia. Both can be treated without surgery by using gyno pills such as Gynexin

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  • Lynn - Not "as shown on tv"

    I was so disappointed in this device, because as someone with arthritis I was hoping for less nail filing and clipping. Other reviewers said this worked like a Dremel tool, but any tool I bought that was this dull would go back to the store! The directions do tell you to use it on your nails immediatly after your shower,but that didn't help even on my most paper thin nails. The idea is good if they could just put real blades in them. I suppose they have to keep them safe so you can't cut your finger, but you also can't cut a nail.

  • Ann Young - some really great music

    This cd has some of the top picks from the grammy nominees but as usual is missing some of the ones you might like to have had on it. A few are not the ones you hear on the radio all the time and are by some of the not so well known artists. overall stil a good cd.

  • CO_Nate - Small, clear reception.

    We bought our Acadia with no antenna, so this was a perfect addition. Stations all come in crystal clear now, and install was about as easy as you would expect (simply screw it in!) It's small enough to not even notice it.

  • Sarah Reviewer - Did not deliver on New York City event details

    It did not deliver on details of restaurant,movie,shows,museums,and other attractions or upcoming events to plan for if you are a first time or regular visitor.

  • julie g grimes - Superior Floss

    My periodontist recommended I get this floss. After using it for about a month I can attest it removes particles other floss leaves behind. I even did an experiment where I flossed with a regular floss, then Cocofloss immediately after and the Cocofloss picked up more tiny particles. Something about the way it is woven, or the fibers or something. I like the flavor too but that is secondary.

  • Paul K. - OK...IF you are planning to repaint

    If you are thinking that you can easily de-badge a vehicle with this stuff, think again. I was able to pretty easily remove the emblems with fishing line, but of course adhesive residue remained on the paint. No matter how long I let the adhesive remover sit on the residue, or how many times I saturated the area, it BARELY softened the adhesive. I took A LOT of elbow grease to remove the residue, and finally some of the clear coat and even a little of the color coat came off with it. Not a big deal if your planning to repaint, but a real problem if you are just planning to de-badge.

  • Brittany - Never buy from luminess air website

    This is the worst experience I've ever had! I tried the "risk free" 30 day trial on their website that was supposed to be $29.99 and it ended up costing me $80 after all said and done plus a $59.99 for the deposit!!!. Then when I finally got it I tried it and hated it. I got so busy, I kept forgetting to return it and ended up missing the 30 day mark... I called to see if I could still return it and get my money back and the lady was so unhelpful and RUDE. She wouldn't refund me at all and she said they are going to continue to take out the payments of $59.99 all because I was a few days late in returning it. Don't ever buy from them. They are the worst company in the world!!!!