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  • http://www.mccannhealth.com/case-studies/taking-quality-healthcare-to-all/ Narayana Health campaign: taking quality healthcare to all - Narayana Health faced a number of challenges to provide quality yet affordable health care. We started by giving the brand uniformity and constant identity.
  • http://www.mccannhealth.com/case-studies/every-breath-counts/ Every breath counts: pneumonia treatment | McCann Health - Pneumonia is the number one killer of children under five. We provided a suite of adaptable pneumonia treatment education materials for local organisations.
  • http://www.mccannhealth.com/case-studies/exposing-the-great-rosacea-cover-up/ Exposing the great rosacea cover up - Grandma campaign - We devised a compelling campaign for Grandma centred to end rosacea cover up habit, and encourage people to seek advice from a doctor.

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  • Purchaser Bbrw - Excellent product, does just what it says it will

    Excellent product, does just what it says it will. My teeth were much whiter after just a few sessions. After the first session the light that came with it stopped emitting beeps when the timer ran out. I emailed them and they immediately sent a replacement which works fine.

  • John Greenfield - Sucks!

    The problem with this and other "security software" products is, you have no idea what they're doing. They say they are protecting you but never tell you what is happening as they do their work. Who is trying to break in. What threats are they turning away etc. I find that infuriating and unsatisfactory. I want a real time accounting of what's happening. Everything else is total BS. If a Russian mobster tries to break in I want at least a pop up window that says so. If I want to be advised of this every time I want the option to say so or not. Everyone talks about transparency but no one practices it.

  • olesya gordeyeva - plus they still get dirty no matter

    the spray doesn't even work! it just gives you a crusty layer of white on your white shoes. and it is harder to put your shoes on. plus they still get dirty no matter what

  • Derrick - Great scooter

    The scooter came in two dad after I bought it... It took me 15 min to assemble it is a great speed ad fun street legal on side street because under 50 cc in MN