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  • Amazon Customer - Better than the O.Henry/PEN collection this year

    I found these stories moving and haunting, the type of stories you roll around in your brain the next day, pondering the outcomes. This collection was so particularly good I'm using as a text in my advanced fiction writing course.

  • Carsonrn - Tylenol, it's sometimes useful.

    Well, nothing wrong with buying Tylenol from Amazon. It comes sealed and such so you know it's safe-ish. I like taking it for headaches and feeling blah. Not my first choice for muscle pain, though, and if I'm drinking alcohol, I stay away from it.

  • Sewell Free Radio - Slow

    I ordered the CD. I've been using Quicken since 1986. Generally I upgrade every 2 years so I went from Q2012 to 2014. I have a large file which worked fine under my previous version. Now every time I enter a transaction, I get an hourglass. Crazy. The install was buggy. I had problems with my password vault (it wouldn't take some accounts that were previously there) and couldn't use keyboard shortcuts (e.g. Ctrl-D to delete). I contacted tech support for 2 chat sessions. The first guy had me validate the file (I hate validating the file, it always messes it up, trying to resend transfers, screwing up balances, etc). This time it wiped out every one of my online payee addresses and acct numbers. The second guy was better, truly wanted to help, and fixed everything but the SLOWNESS. So I'm thinking I'll return the product and go back to 2012, then wait to see reviews of 2015. Since Quicken monitors this, I'd be grateful for any thoughts.

  • Eric Perez - It's a good size for kids and seems to be made of ...

    Got it for free as an Amazon promotion so I can't complain too much. It's a good size for kids and seems to be made of good quality materials. It's a little smelly (factory/plastic smell) when you get it as it is wrapped in a plastic bag so make sure to air it out overnight before giving it to someone.

  • Amazon Customer - This Really Works as Promised!!!

    I took this product for several months and it enabled me to reach my weight goal, which had eluded me for years... After I reached my goal, I continued to take this product and maintained my weight for about a year. Then due to a decrease in my cash flow I stopped taking this product. Within a few months I was on my way to regaining some of the weight I had initially lost. A couple of months ago I resumed taking Weight Loss Formula No.1 and have begun to get control on my appetite and weight loss has resumed.. I have about 15 pounds to lose to get to my goal weight and know that this product really works. I definitely recommend this product. Thank you Real dose Nutrition !!!

  • Madeline Distasio - Raw talent at its best

    I've been a Gaga diehard since the second she hit the scene and this is a representation of her raw talent. No filters. Pared-back and reliant on nothing but ability and intuition. Buy it! Thank me later