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McLean Hospital | McLean Imaging Center : - The McLean Imaging Center is situated on the McLean Hospital campus, located in Belmont, MA.

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  • roy erno - Good product

    Good product, performs as advertised, timely delivery, quality craftmanship, durable, reliable and easy to install and use. Would recommend this to anyone who is looking for quality and dependability.

  • Edward Majewski Jr - If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    I've been playing these games several times a week for months as part of an exercise routine. I just got this one and was floored by how different it was. The controls are not responsive, the moves are either boring and repetitive or jumbled and clumsy, and the Just Sweat mode is hidden so deep in the menus it took me 10 minutes to find it. There are no difficulty ratings on the songs which makes putting together an effective cardio workout pretty much impossible until you're very familiar with all the songs. None of the songs felt challenging and at the end of a 40 minute session I hadn't broken a sweat. The only song I enjoyed playing at all was Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round." I appreciate the work that went into the design as the game is visually beautiful, but I didn't get it to watch it being played.

  • Murray - Fool Me Twice...

    I bought this product in May, when it first came out. It worked fine for about three months. I wore it 24/7, recorded my sleep and meals. It suddenly stopped working properly during the last firmware update. The wristband no long vibrates upon reaching a goal or an alarm; it will not sync to my Mac or my iPhone. I only get an error message saying the battery is low, but it is fully charged. Very disappointing.

  • Indji Said - Excellent vitamins for immune

    I tried a lot of vitamins for the kids for the immune system and ths one is the best . Good taste and works gr8 !!

  • Damon Bolt - It Just Works!

    Plain & simple, this stuff works. I've been taking MasterBrain for nearly 2 weeks now & my day-to-day level of productivity has increased greatly. Before I was a coffee before workout, coffee mid morning & occasional coffee in the afternoon in hopes that it would keep me focused. With MasterBrain, I'll take them upon waking & over the course of a morning I'll maybe drink a whole cup, & I have no problems at all being able to sit down & get projects/tasks done without losing my train of thought. In my opinion, regarding the AM, MasterBrain definitely increases mental clarity, focus and - not necessarily energy like a pre-workout would give you - a natural, heightened sense of being alert.

  • Dallas Lauchner - From QB to husband and father

    Steve young takes us through the years of his football career. Little did we know that there was much more going on than the football highlights that were so evident. Wrestling with anxiety, growing spiritually, and searching for the right woman to marry. All things that other people do, but being a great football player seems to have made them all more torturous, or at least more difficult. Once again we see it is hard to live a normal life in the spotlight. Maybe we can count the benefits of privacy and being out of the public eye along with our salaries, sick leave and health insurance benefits and be grateful for our inconspicuous lives.

  • Jitendra - Marvellous Publication

    Reading this publication is always fun. I am reading this after a long time and still enjoying as I used to when I was in college.