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  • Amazon Customer - They have my money, I don't have a game. Unacceptable.

    The media arrived, installed, activated. Servers say available. Nothing works. I"ve been trying for 2 days and I can't even play.

  • Roxanne Evans - Best hair/skin product EVER!

    No other hair product on earth is as good as Biosilk. It tames my wild curly hair like nothing else does, and it smells divine. I also use it on my skin after a shave and shower for the silkiest skin imaginable. I'm glad I found it on Amazon. It's unaffordable at my hair salon.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome Helmet!!!

    The helmet is great! It is super light; I barely notice it is on my head. The venting is superb, we have been getting clobbered with 100 plus degree days in the NJ and this helmet has kept me cool during my rides. I'm convinced the venting keeps me cooler than if I were wearing no helmet at all, which I will not do, even for testing purposes. However, the way the vents are cut makes it feel like you have ceiling fan above your head. I am basically trying to say that the helmet is very lightweight and the venting is great. The new material used for the straps makes a huge difference in comfort. They are super lightweight and feel really good against my face and chin, I hardly notice they're there as well. The RocLoc 5 system is a vast improvement over the older systems. It lets you micro dial-in the tension adjustments. Overall I could not be more pleased with this purchase. It was expensive but worth every penny in my opinion because head protection is the most important thing when riding. Shorts, gloves, shoes, etc. are all secondary to head protection IMHO.

  • SistaBNYC - Finally figured out how to use this stuff!

    I have natural kinky curly hair (3c/4a) and tried this product years ago but didn't like it because it dried incredibly hard and crunchy. After much experimentation, I found that the key to using KCCC without crunch is to make sure hair is clean and conditioned, section it off and apply products in this order - Knot Today, Coconut oil (or your favorite), then KC Curling Custard - sparingly. That's it. The addition of the oil seems to have eliminated the hardness and added shine.

  • Wings42 - Worked great the first season

    Worked great the first season. But now my 4 yr old $100 (from REI) Marmot light weight rain jacket is leaking badly...in San Diego where we're having our first decent rain in 5 years!

  • Chris Hilbig - A great product with real results!

    I am one of those people who had been struggling with my weight for years. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and pills, experiencing little or no results. After hearing about and seeing the success a friend of mine has been having, I decided to give Garcinia Cambogia from Natural Nutrition Labs a try. So far, after two months, I’ve lost 9 pounds.